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Who are your top tne favorite fighters? (MMA)?

Who are your top ten favorite MMA fighters in order? Mine are:

1. Forrest Griffin (Even after Silva loss)

2. Lyoto Machida (I actually think he beat Shogun)

3. Patrick Cote

4. Frank Mir

5. Rampage Jackson

6. Shogun Rua

7. Diego Sanchez

8. BJ Penn (Ironic isn't it?)

9. GSP

10.Gegard Mousasi

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    My top ten at the moment are as follows:


    Anderson Silva

    BJ Penn


    Gegard Mousasi

    Shane Carwin

    Jose Aldo

    Miguel Torres

    Shinya Aoki

    King Mo Lawal

    My all-time list would have Bas Rutten, Dan Severn, Genki Sudo, Randy Couture, Sakuraba and a few others on it.

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    1. Brock Lesnar

    2. Josh Koschek

    3. Keith Jardine

    4. Rashad Evans

    5. Chris Leben

    6. Rich Franklin

    7. Forrest Griffin

    8. Mark Coleman

    9. Matt Brown

    10. BJ Penn

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    1. Georges St. Pierre

    2. Anderson Silva (3)

    3. Lyoto Machida (

    4. Fedor Emelianenko

    5. B.J. Penn

    6. Quinton Jackson

    8. Brian Bowles

    9. Jon Fitch .

    10. Brock Lesnar

    Source(s): you guys are alll offf
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    Anderson Silva

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

    Lyoto Machida

    BJ Penn

    Junior Dos Antos

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

    Thiago Silva

    Thiago Alves

    Brock Lesnar

    Shane Carwin

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    Randy Couture

    Mauricio Rua

    Dan Henderson

    Fedor Emelianenko

    Demian Maia

    Frank Mir



    Jon Fitch

    Shinya Aoki

    I can't give ranking to this because theres so many others I love to watch fight, but watching Shogun and Fedor and Couture is awesome and I'm never bored with their fights. Shogun is taking Lyoto's title next time they fight. I'm done with the first fight what's important is the next one. Shogun proved that he can dish out and not gas out and that he is back on top. What's important is what will happen in the rematch which Shogun will take the title this time more convincingly.

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    1) Dan Henderson

    2) Forrest Griffin

    3) BJ Penn

    4) Matt Hughes

    5) Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

    6) Wanderlei Silva

    7) Randy Couture

    8) Royce Gracie

    9) Chuck Liddell

    10) Gray Maynard

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    Lyoto Machida

    BJ Penn


    Junior Dos Antos

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira


    Thiago Alves

    Ken Shamrock

    Brock Lesnar

    Shane Carwin

    The reference I went to for fighters has some pretty cool information as well.

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    1. Dood

    2. Mark Coleman

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    this is a tough one. favorite by skill level? favorite by entertainment value? favorite by character?

    most chaos: crazy horse

    most skilled: gsp

    most character: wanderlei silva

    most entertaining: kazushi sakuraba

    still, you have a good list.


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