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What is America going to do know that iran just televised the testing of a missle that could reach israel?

Would there be an arms race in the middle east? Will more sanctions work? Or will they continue to throw this in the face of anyone who opposes? Remember the president of Iran said Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth?

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    Israel is the biggest threat of all. MAYBE PEACE unless Israel AGAIN attacks her neighbors.They keep calling Arabs terrorists, so they can brutalize and kill them to steal Arab land, water, even their organs. When has Iran ever attacked anyone in the last 300 years? Jews , starting in about 1917, have been slaughtering and stealing Arab land to the Present. Israel, with the exception of the 1973 war in which Egypt was forced to attack Israel to get BACK her Sinai, has STARTED EVERY Arab-Israel, INCLUDING the 1967 war she loves calling a PREEMPTIVE(fancy word for STARTED it) strick. In every case she slaughtered Arabs and stole their land. NOW she is working on IRAN, this to instigate the Hizballah in Southern Lebanon, whom will side with Iran. Then Israel can use the excuse to slaughter Lebanes, turn Lebanon into ruble as she did in PREVIOUCS barbaric attacks, and gain control of Lebanon's Litani river(Israel is stealing water from this river to satisfy the WORST fresh water shortage in her history). Israel REFUSES to define her Northern border(with Lebanon) and her Southern border with the goal of annexing the West Bank and Gaza strips after ethnic cleansing. Israel has already walled of Arab East Jerusalem which BELONGS to the Arab West Bank and is using IDF to kill and expel Arab residents and steal their land.The UN, INCLUDING the US, has UNANIMOUSLY, vetoed Israel's annexation over two dozen times. Israel also builds ILLEGAL Jewish only settlements on AraOWNED West Bank and Gaza strips. Israel PURPOSEL attacked the USS liberty, killing 34 USS crewman in one of many False Flag attacks to bame the Arabs - FORTUNATELY, there were survivors and Israel once AGAIN failed. OTHER proven False Flag attacks - the Lavon affair, the Suez Canal Incident, the King David Hotel Massacre, and most recently, 911. in the 911 incident our own FBI ARRESTED 5 Israelie Jews still jumping for joy,whom had a tripod set up with a telephoto video lens and filmed the whole incident from beginning to end(coincidence? or advanced knowledge)- we will never know-they were quickly shipped back to Israel. Ajewish Company rented one of the WHOLE floors destroyed in the explosions-they VACATED WITHOUT notice- one week BEFORE 911-they "moved" back to Israel, breaking their lease-almost a year left. Aircraft fool does NOT melt metal yet the metal frame was melted-only thermite, a special explosive does this-the different colored flames in photos also indicates this. 7 Hi Jacker IDs were FAKED- the owners showing up at FBI headquarters to claim them and show it was not them whom died in the crash-Bin Laden has NOT been seen alive, in person, since BEFORE 911,and, only in videos, the last of which was in 2004-most experts believe from the differences in appearances ALONE, they were imposters- Bin Laden is now believed to be DEAD. MORE- profit motive- The Silverstein Group of investors, a Jewish firm, had the buildings OVERINSURED as well as having close ties to Prime Minister of Israel,Benjamin Netanyahu. Here are the links, I assume you are intelligent enough to keep an open mind:

    1) PAST history of framing Arabs, 2) Motive - stir up hatred for Arabs, 3) 5 Isralie Jews at the right place and time-US FBI arrest them-release them to Israel, 4) Jewish firm vacates whole floor one week prior to 911, 5) Photos and melted steal indicate something hotter than jet fuel melted metal, 6) Jewish investors over insure building for profit motive 7) Jewish in vestors have close ties to Israel, and, 8) SEVEN FAKE Hi Jacker IDS-why- they were dying anyway and suicide bombers usuall want to be known.

    An Israelie IDF bulldozer soldier driver, lifted Rachel Corrie, a US peace activist, up in a mound of dirt, buried her in it, then ran her over TWICE, once forward, once backward, killing her, DESPPITE her wearing a BRIGHT orange fluorescent orange jacket, the bulldozer crews having been familiar with the peace activists in the area, and, DESPITE her co activists SHOUTING through BULLHORNS and waving him off. Her parents are sueing the Israelie government whom called her a terrorist sympathsizer(NOT TRUE), and, in the wrong place at the wrong time - by God, I hope they win.

    Israel recently PIRATED a peaceful US cargo ship in INTERNATIONAL waters(towed it into Israelie waters), kidnapped its crew, and confiscated badlly needed supplies of food and medicine, headed to Gaza.

    Israel's peace plan DOES NOT include the Palestinians:

    The King David Massacre

    The Massacre at Baldat al-Shaikh




    The Semiramis Hotel Massacre

    The Massacre at Dair Yasin








    Salha Massacre

    The Massacre at Qibya


    Khan Yunis Massacre

    The Massacre in Gaza City


    Aitharoun Massacre

    Kawnin Massacre

    Hanin Massacre

    Bint Jbeil Massacre

    Abbasieh Massacre

    Adloun Massacre

    Saida Massacre

    Fakhani Massacre

    Beirut Massacre Sabra And Shatila Massacre

    Jibsheet Massacre

    Sohmor Massacre

    Seer Al Garbiah

    Maaraka Massacres

    Zrariah Massacre

    Homeen Al-Tahta Massacre

    Jibaa Massacre

    Yohmor Massacre

    Tiri massacre

    Al-Naher Al-Bared Massacre

    Ain Al-Hillwee Massacre


    Siddiqine Massacre




    Aramta Massacre


    Deir Al-Zahrani Massacre

    Nabatiyeh (school bus) Massacre

    Mnsuriah Massacre

    The Sohmor Second Massacre

    Nabatyaih Massacre

    Qana Massacre

    Trqumia Massacre

    Janta Massacre

    24 Of June 1999 Massacres

    Western Bekaa villages Massacre

    Gaza "Cast lead operation" Massacre

    Haven't you guessed by now-Israel has NO INTENTION of peace until she kills all the Palestinians and steals their lan and even their organs(NO, not the Swedish article(was right on the nose)- the ARREST,TRIED, CONVICTED(including JEWISH witnesses), and JAILED Rabbi Levy Rosenbaum and his Rabbinical organ theft ring:

    Irgun, the murderous Jewish terrorist group Likud(oops Irgun BEFORE being elected), one of many- the Stern Gang, Levi, Lehi, Haganah, and many others OFFICIALLY labeled as such by the British-You want REAL terrorists- makes the Nazis look like pansies-type Irgun in your Google browser. No one associates Jews with being terrorists- the Irgun were worse than ANY Arab terrorist group- Irgun used grenades and car bombs to kill Arabs, foreign dignitaries, EVEN Jews opposing their methods, they sniped innocent unarmed Arabs in the back, dropped Arab men women, children, and, babies off building roof tops, bull dozed houses using tanks with Arab families being buried alive,doused Arabs in kerosene and burned them alive, stomped on pregnant and nonpregnant women's bellys or had as many men stand on them until they were killed,cut out babies from their mother's wombs and bellies, poisoned water sources,gang- raped Arab women and young girls 13 and under, then shooting them as they screamed in terror, in non vital areas, finally, a fatal bullet to the head where the infamous IDF term"Confirming the kill" arouse.THEY WERE SO BRUTAL AND MURDEROUS, ANOTHER SUCH GROUP,HAGANAH, ATTEMPTED UNSUCCESSFULLY, TO REIN THEM IN.

    Source(s): According to Daniels and revelations, Israel once again strays from God in the end times - this can only be the Palestinian situation, hub of human trafficking of women, and hub of prostitution(legal there/the Harlot).Nation upon nation rises up against the city on the hill- that's Israel, even the US is is changing directions - she is brought to her knees for her wicked ways. God intervenes, she is saved from her wicked ways, and, a NEW Jerusalem arises, perhaps one that is shared. This is all in the Bible. SEEMS the Arabs and non Arab Iranians, are the wrong people being called TERRORISTS. ANY thumbs down, prove ANY of the above is propaganda - do YOU see Israel shrinking through brutality and murder- just whom is ethnically cleansing whom off the map - actions SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, and, we Americans are GIVING them SIX BILLION/yr, FREE MONEY(forgiven loans)that we BADLY need, to do this.
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    Iran is doing nothing but showing the US and Israel that it's strong so it would be unwise to strike their nuclear facilities if that's what they're thinking. The US has no intentions of striking Iran, so Iran will feel better, thinking that their test missiles stopped us. You can't really blame Israel, or any country, really, for being a little nervous when the President of Iran says he wants to "blow Israel off the face of the earth" and he has nuclear weapons. A guy like that is a little nuts and nuts shouldn't have powerful weapons.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There already is an arms race in that part of the world.

    There is, in fact, nothing to do. Iran cannot use nukes to launch a strike against Israel without rapidly finding itself transformed into a glass parking lot.

    There is also the small matter that radiation and nuclear fallout will not stay confined within Israel's borders, lots of neighbouring moslem states would be terribly affected, something of which both they and Iran are accutely aware.

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  • Anonymous
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    We do nothing. Let Israel deal with Iran if Iran is such a problem. Iran's technology and military is inferior to that of Israel.

    If Iran attacked any country illegally they know it would be the end of their regime, can anyone be so stupid to actually think a semi 3rd world country will start illegal wars with other developed countries?

    Neoconservatism is a mental disorder.

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    America isn't going to do anything. Iran has shown neither the capability nor the intention of making trouble for an of its neighbors, let alone the USA.

    GW Bush planned originally to invade Iran after finishing up in Iraq, but Iraq turned out to be more trouble than he expected. He desperately wanted to bomb Iran, just for his own political purposes, but he found he wasn't able to because Iran had wisely invested its money in defensive, not offensive capability. They are so well defended that we aren't about to bomb them just for shallow political purposes. So all Bush could do was to rattle the saber, to blame Iran for all his problems, which he did for the last six of his eight years in office.

    Israel is not about to stage an unprovoked or pre-emptive attack on Iran for the same reasons--because they threaten no one and they bristle with defensive weapons.

    Iran's political leaders are guilty of the same kind of overblown rhetoric as US political leaders, especially Republicans. Rattling the saber, hugely hyping the danger of allowing those countries whose leaders they disagree with to continue to exist. But it's just blather and everyone on both sides knows it. Iranian leaders have said Israel has no right to exist, and American leaders have said Iran has no right to exist, so perhaps there should be sanctions on both sides. 8^D

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    Obama and admin are to weak Israel will look after themselves .

    So much for Obama`s be nice to these dictators and they will turn themselves around .

    Iran and North Korea see Obama admin as being weak.

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  • A large portion of America will hope the Iranian missile guidance system is accurate, others will demand action against the sovereign state of Iran.

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  • ADG
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    1 decade ago

    Nothing, just like they did nothing to North Korea. Our President thinks he can talk them down because he is so great!

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    I think Israel will strike first

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  • Anonymous
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    Will we should try to make peace

    battling it out would lead to a WW3 due to Iran's alliance with russia and other countries..

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