Delivery confirmation??? united states post office?

I sent a package to someone on Dec. 8th, which was 8 days ago. I went to the post office and mailed it in person. When I check the delivery confirmation online, it just says that the item was accepted at the post office that I mailed it from on Dec. 8th. Does that mean it still sitting at the post office that I mailed it from or does it mean they just haven't updated the record to say where it is in the shipping process?

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    What this means is that it is still in transit to it's destination. Delivery Confirmation only confirms the Delivery date and time when it is delivered. This is not a tracking number per say and some Post Offices will scan it when it arrives at the destinations Post Office but only for convenience. Normally the information is updated every evening so keep checking

    Source(s): I am a Post Office Clerk
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    I will have to disagree with the post above. I do postage online and get delivery confirmation free. When I drop it off at the post office, the clerk scans the barcode in the computer. That's when you will see online or by calling that your package has been accepted yadayada. When that package leaves that post office and heads to the sort facility it should get scanned again which will update.

    And before any body says what i'm talking about is track and confirm. NO I'm talking about delivery confirmation. It gets updated every time your package hits the sort facility in your state or city, and when it hits the sort facility in the state or city of whomever your sending this package to, and also when the package is en route to it's destination, and when it has been delivered. So yes Delivery Confirmation doesn't just update when it's been delivered, It up dates every step of the way.

    Right now I'm going thought the same thing. I mailed a package on Dec. 15th and Delivery Confirmation is still saying " Your package has been accepted on Dec. 15th at 10:42am" It's now 2 days later and still says the same thing. I'm not use to that. I mailed before 1:00pm, so that first batch of mail should have been dispersed, and on it's way which would have updated delivery confirmation, but nothing.And I know it's only 2 days but normally today that person would be getting their delivery. Now I'm thinking is my package may still be sitting in the post office because of USPS incompetent workers.!!!!!!!

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