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Is it true that the Pharmaceutical industry???????

Pays 3.5 billion dollars a year to throw parties for Doctors! Please say it isn't so.


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    Yes it is true.There is a lot of greed and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Again-i'm not saying that there isn't in the Alternative Medicine Industry but this question is asking regarding pharmaceutical industry.

    There is a lot of corruption there and anyone who says there isn't has to provide evidence that there isn't and explain why the evidence points to that there is.If someone denies all the evidence that there is much corruption in the pharmaceutical Industry then they are just going off opinion and emotion and refusing to see & not interested in truth & evidence.

    This does not mean that all medical doctors themselves "buy into" the corrupt things.Unfortunately some do and some do unwittingly by being themselves lied to and duped by pharmaceutical companies.

    However there are also some medical Doctors that refuse to be swayed by any gifts or other that pharmaceutical company reps might offer & that dont let their prescribing decisions be based on any gifts,parties,etc that they might have received no matter how much easier it would be to do so.

    A lot more people in the medical profession need to speak out regarding this.Thankfully there already are some brave ones who do.

    It outrages me especially when corrupt psychiatrists are giving undeveloped children psychoactive drugs all in the name of greed & corruption or manipulating the studies so that they will come out favourably.Psychiatry,a field that is approx 60-70% pseudoscience is the perfect breeding ground for corruption.Afterall,there is no objective,scientific testing done in psychiatry so anyone can say anything is a psychiatric disorder & develop medicines that people just absolutely need(according to the manufacturer) for the unscientifically proven disorder that they "have".

    Pharmaceutical companies love the area of psychiatry & look at it as a financially promising field.

    No psychoactive drugs should be given to children under 14 at least until & if objective,scientific studies are developed & done that can prove that the child has "xyz" disorder & nothing else has been effective first.Until then it is purely experimental and very financially lucrative.

    This does not mean that any of Psychiatry is not beneficial,sometimes it is and sometimes it is needed provided that it is done ethically.However due it it having a lot of pseudoscience in it too it it needs to be made aware that it is also a field that can be attractable to corruption/greed.

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    It is possible, the pharmaceutical industry spends nearly $30 billion annually on marketing. Nobody will say the drug prices are fair in the United States, but for what reason would this upset you, being a alternative medicine believer, you'd just go to your local health food store and buy vitamin supplements, homeopathy placebos and pick weeds out of your garden for medicine.

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    Yeah sure why not?

    They also have secret invisible helicopters, control all the UFO information, and have the last living descendant of the messiah living in a cave underground.

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    There are great restrictions now on what drug reps can give to a doctor. That number is no longer valid.

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    it's true, and that is not the only perks they offer doctors in order to get them to prescribe brand name meds instead of generic meds. It's always about money.

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