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What is the worst form of taxation with or without representation American patriots face today?

Interesting This Day in History:

Boston Tea Party: 16 December 1773 - This Day in History

On this day in 1773, in what is known as the Boston Tea Party, American colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians threw 342 chests of tea belonging to the British East India Company into Boston Harbor to protest a tax on tea.

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    Any welfare tax... Seriously... I make too much money to use the system and I don't make enough money for my voice to be heard. I will be denied anytime I go to apply for Medicare/Medicaid, but I still have to pay the tax. I can't use SocSec and it might not be there when I retire, but I still have to pay the tax. Then I don't make enough money for any politician to give a rat's *** what I think because the most I could donate to their campaign is chicken scratch compared to what they are getting from companies and lobbyists.

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    Protective tariffs. Most taxes are designed to collect revenue, and the overall loss to the people taxed is not much greater than what the government gains. With protective tariffs, the country loses because it trades less, the population loses because they pay more than they should for goods and the government does not even collect a great deal of revenue. The only profits are made by a domestic suppliers which are always less than the losses to the population.

    If the country was properly represented, it just would not happen.

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    No. The taxation potential rests in our representatives in Congress whom we elected. The national debt existed from the beginning up of the rustic and it exchange into never meditated that such debt in any way represented taxation without representation in spite of if the outcomes reached destiny generations. try lower back.

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    Fiat money. Printing dollars with no intrinsic value devalues every dollar already out there. That is the heaviest tax of all.

    It is also incredibly socially destructive. Bad money drives out the good. People chase the wells of money -- the creators of money are those who can print or create more dollars out of nothing.

    You or I, the morally sane and honest, can not compete by producing real goods or services. The morally weak always run after easy and free money. Today they run to the Beltway.

    It was somewhat of a relief from complete fiat money oppression when New York checked against DC. But in the last year DC has swallowed the bankers.

    When Nixon took us completely off any gold standard that made US money all fiat. Fiat money can work for a while, but men are not capable of the level of total honesty in business necessary to keep a fiat money system from breaking down. Gresham's Law applies! It is a lot older than Sir Thoms Gresham, too. Older than Copernicus, from whom Gresham may have learned it. Older than Greek playwright Aristophenes who also mentioned the rule. It is an ancient law. Bad money drives out the good.

    In the 1970's accounting broke down. Morally. Off the gold standard, in the age of cocaine fueled hubris, abetted by junk bonds and love of debt -- accounting self-destructed quickly. The books of any large corporation are no longer trustworthy. Integrity in business requires standard measures. Today's accounting methods are ferociously abstract, inscrutable -- easy to inflate gigantic frauds.

    Hard money -- money with intrinsic value would self-correct such periodic degradations in accounting standards, but without hard money there is no strong corrective feedback.

    Fiat money devalues all stores of dollars, and allows corruption and cancer in accounting to grow aggressively. It's like having no immune system.

    But that's not the worst of it.

    Fiat money empowers the morally weak, the morally insane. We see that today. Congress, the President's Office, the Courts, most "Global" bodies -- full of morally weak and morally insane. The corrupt, the venal, the criminal, the crude, the brute and the bully.

    And that is what the most expensive thing is. The rule of the venal and corrupt. Due in large part to fiat money.

    Grover Cleveland understood all this. William Jennings Bryan did not.

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    As was said, the little ones, under the subterfuge of "revenue enhancers".






    Traffic tickets

    Bond Issues

    Nonrefundable Deposits



    Mandatory Insurances







    Tickets for attendance/gate

    the list is endless, atop the ones they openly call "TAX", and they add up to be unaffordable.

    Ah the secret (& hidden) inflation of funny money (tax)

    Obscure, yet determining.

    (Your Dollar is worth 6 cents of what it was in 1929)

    Good reveal ... friend to all

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    Congress ignoring the will of those who elected them. They tax us , then don't represent us.

    They get into their positions of power and they become elitist despots.

    Power corrupts and those seeking power are often those who want to abuse it.

    A revolution at the polls is what is coming. First, we must unite to block every piece of legislation because they are all designed to take away the Constitutional power granted to the citizen and place it in the hands of potential tyrants.

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    The Red Light Camera Tax.

    It is dangerous, i.e. people slamming on their brakes on the yellow light.

    Especially when they reduce the yellow light from 3 seconds to 2 seconds to make more money,


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  • Nikki
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    Most all of taxes. From forced health & retirement taxes, aka Medicare & Social security, to estate taxes-taxing greatly what's already been taxing hard work - the income tax is the biggest detriment to productivity.

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  • L.T.M.
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    Easy one. Over taxation is a burden for sure and should be resisted.

    But..Forcing citizens to pay for killing the unborn is justification for an armed revolt!

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  • Cap and Trade, and health care IF it passes.

    I often wonder if we would be better off WITHOUT representation since it appears to be MISrepresentation at best.


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