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All the kids in Soul Asylum's 'Runaway Train' - Did any come back?

Or are any of them aware a song was made about them now that there's internet and whatnot? Or have they all just gone?

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    What a great question - here's the wikipedia answer:

    Several versions of the video were made. There were three original versions of the video in the United States, totaling 36 missing children shown.[1] Depending on what country the video was being broadcast, they would show children from that area who are missing.

    The video was very successful in reuniting many of the missing children with their families. Some of the children even saw themselves in the video and returned home. In 2006, guitarist Dan Murphy stated in an interview with Pasadena Weekly that some of children who were found were not returned to the best of conditions: "Some weren’t the best scenarios. I met a fireman on the East Coast whose daughter was in the end of the video, and he’d been in a bitter custody battle with his wife over her,” Murphy said. “It turned out the girl hadn’t run away, but was killed and buried in her backyard by her mother. Then on tour, another girl told us laughingly ‘You ruined my life’ because she saw herself on the video at her boyfriend’s house and it led her being forced back into a bad home situation.” [2]

    The UK version of the video featured Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, who each went missing in 1991. Their remains were found in 2007 at a house in Margate. Peter Tobin has since been convicted of the murder of Hamilton and has been charged with the murder of McNicol.[3][4]

    Curtis Huntzinger, who was featured in the US video, was located deceased in 2008.[5]

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    im really sorry but, after a lil searching on youtube finally find it. but still the last one, christina ann wood never mention there. could anyone give me some answer please.....

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