Can u make lean syurp purple drink with hydrocodone syrup?

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i was wondering can u make the famous southern drink alot of rappers drink with hydrocodone syrup
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theres a 50/50 chance you can,


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  • Digital Morphine answered 4 years ago
    The famous mix consists of Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup. Depending on the dose it is usually about 2 tablespoons of syrup in 12-20ounces of Sprite with ice and 2 Jolly Ranchers in a Styrofoam cup. Pure hydrocodone would not be considered "lean" but rather it would be like taking regular hydrocodone in liquid form. It would still be strong as all get out but it would not be "sizzurp". The promethazine in the real mixture is what causes the zoned out feeling as it calms nausea. Promethazine or Phenegren which is the brand name is really nothing but a prescription allergy medicine used to treat nausea in most cases. It is co-administered with narcotic pain medication to curb nausea and in the case of "sizzurp" it also helps with congestion. Plain hydrocodone in liquid form would not be safe in my opinion unless you took exactly the right amount you were prescribed or the usual dose for your age and body weight and chose to mix it with your favorite soft drink to feel like Lil' Wayne or something. But as for your original it would not be "lean".
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