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西洋老歌 The wedding 其中一句

That someday you`ve walking down the aisle with me





不過我請問的是 you have walking  依照文法應該是未來式嗎?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In western culture, at the wedding, the bride’s father walks down the isle with the bride to the altar, and sends his daughter away to the groom (waiting at the altar).

    So, your sentence is typically used between daughters and fathers. It is very wrong for some of the non-westerners to think that this could be between woman and man.

    Also, I think it should have been read:

    That, someday, you will be walking down the aisle with me…

    “will be walking down” to indicate the future tense.

    2009-12-17 03:32:20 補充:

    opps, aisle, not isle. Very different things indeed. Sorry.

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