why plants need music to grow?

why plants need music to grow

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    As you stated that …..Why plants needs music to grow … its not complete statement.

    I will say Plants or any living things needs favorable condition to grow & develop.

    And yes music or sound is also a factor that has its effect on plant growth.

    Many scientific studies have been done regarding the effects of music on plants. The simple answer is that past studies have suggested rock music seems to have a detrimental effect on plant growth.

    There is a well-known study from the early 1970s, conducted by Dorothy Retallack at the Colorado Woman's College in Denver using the college's three Biotronic Control Chambers. In one series of studies, music was played daily for three hours a day in one laboratory, and it was played for eight hours a day in another. Those where the music was played for 3 hours a day grew twice as large and were twice as healthy as those in a music-free environment. However, plants in the laboratory where music was played for 8 hours daily died within two weeks of the experiment beginning.

    Different types of music were then utilised. Rock music was played to one group of plants and soothing music to another. The "rock music" plants were sickly and small whereas the other group grew large and healthy, with the plants actually growing towards the radio just like they bend towards sunlight.

    It is uncertain whether country music has been used in experiments, but the nature of the music is generally more melodious, so is likely to produce healthier plants than those exposed to jarring rock music. Either way, it would seem that even plants don't like "piped" music - it needs to be limited to three hours a day, rather than played continuously.

    Effective experiments, however, would need to involve the following factors:

    • the same plant types across the different conditions

    • a variety of species, also across the different conditions

    • strict controls on all other external factors, e.g. light, warmth, etc

    • consistency of human interaction across the different conditions

    • music volume would need to be maintained at a consistent level

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    some studies report who the plants like classic music to grow , strange ! W the plants ! XD

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    They do not need music to grow. Plant in my backyard and in the forest are fine without music. They need sun light, water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and a bunch of other elements and conditions - music is not one of them.

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    Yes, however just for inexperienced crops. Flowering crops want opera. Cactus demands gangsta-rap or hip-hop, and fruit bearing crops and bushes require eighty's pop-tune. Don't play residence tune, it's going to develop weeds.

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