Most Powerful Desktop currently buildable?

Was wondering if these components would make the absolutley most powerful and ridiculously overkill custom PC as of today's technology and about how long it would take for it to become obsolete due to Moores Law.

Intel Desktop board DP55KG (Extreme) supporting two CPU sockets.

2x Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU

4x ATI Radeon 5890 GPU [Crossfire X]

16 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ RAM

2x WD Velociraptor 250 GB Hard Drive [500 GB]

Samsung BD ROM R/W drive

I know COMPLETLY overkill but just for fun was asking....any guess on the price of this THING?


SSD's are faster ONLY when reading by a considerable amount, however when writing they still lag in speed behind conventional Hard Drives. This is why I did not list an SSD as for a consumer grade computer (regardless of how overkill this is anyway) asynchronous reading and writing pretty much a given if you are running a Windows OS or even Apple OS. SSD's simply are'nt suitable for this type of general consumer enviornment of repetitive use. NAND flash modules wear out faster but this is not relevent to PC performance.

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    No, certain Intel chipsets will allow up to 24GB or RAM, and you can buy DDR3-2000 DIMMs.

    Hitachi makes SAS 20K drives, and SSD drives will beat even those.

    You can pay $20K for a special Holographic High-Capacity DVD drive.

    The DP55 chipset is nothing compared to the X58 chipset. Intel should soon come out with a replacement for the X58 such as the X68 or X58-II.

    We will soon be seeing a new round of Intel Core i-series processors such as the 8-core i9 running at factory 4 GHz.

    Apple is currently working to complete an extremely high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic interconnect.

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    you cannot crossfire 4 5890's.

    And the samsung spinpoint F3 is faster then velociraptors, although, its irrelavent, because it should be using solid state.

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    Nah... you forgot the SSD drives

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    5 billion dollars :)

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