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My friend lives about 500 metres away from my house, can I make a wireless network?

So yeah, he lives 500 metres away and there is not many big trees or huge things in the way destroying signal quality, well one main road.

Will it be possible with a N router, or something. Please keep the price under $500

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    Only if you have line of sight between two external antennas, hooked to routers that support some form of bridging.

    The key is line of sight between antennas. If you don't have that (or about 99%), forget it for that distance.

    Next, you have to use routers that can bridge. Some box store routers will not do that, so you have to research it a bit. I use non-common routers as a wireless, transparent bridge for a 140M link through a few trees, but then I have more power than box store routers....

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    If you friend lives about 500 meters away from your house, it would be a little difficult. I personally don't no of any wireless device that has a range of 155.3 miles that is legal without any permit. Oh and if you try it things in the way wont destroy the signal quality, radio frequency interference can (Produced my other electrical devices and machinery). If I was you I would try an experiment, using a point to point laser, and receiver (As you said you don't have huge things in the way). Just trying to help, but in reality I don't know how it would work.

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