Need a business person to answer a few questions for me plz?

have to interview some type of businessperson for introduction to business...

1. What is your business background?

2. What was your career path? (Or, how did you get where you are?)

3. Describe your job duties.

4. Does the state of the economy affect your business? If so, how?

5. Do you feel that your product/service fulfills a want or a need? (Not yes or no, which one.)

6. What kind of records do you need to keep?

7. How is your business organized: as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, a cooperative, or a franchise? Do you think that this type of organization causes you to do things differently than you would in another type of organization?

8. Do any of your job duties involve financial management? If so, what are those duties?

9. Does your business complete financial reports? What kind and how often do you need to prepare them?

10. Does your business have a marketing theme or philosophy?

11. What kinds of advertising do you use?

12. Does your business have a separate marketing department? If not, who is responsible for marketing?

13. How do you evaluate customer satisfaction?

14. Does your business have a code of ethics? What are ethical expectations for employees?

15. What kind of legal issues have you had to address?

16. Does your business try to be socially responsible? For example, contributing to charities or schools, participating in community events, involving the community in decisions, etc.

17. Does your business deal with any international issues?

18. What kind of careers would be available in this line of business?

19. How much education/training is required to work in this environment?

20. Is technology widely used by your business? What percentage of employees in the business would you estimate need to use computers?

(tell me about these)

Managerial duties-

Leadership style-

Advice for entering the business world-

Human resources- hiring, firing, training-

thx a lot :)

the interview part of my assignment is due thursday....oh and can you also mention your name and where you are i can include this in my paper? :) ty

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    1. Attained my Bachelor of Accounting & Financial Management degree, along with a Master of Accounting degree

    2. Worked in various fields of business, including public accounting firms and market research companies.

    3. I oversee the sales and purchasing of inventory, ensuring prices of both purchasing and selling are fair for the company in order to remain competitive in the industry.

    4. The downturn of the economy definitely has hit the business, with sales levels decreasing due to people holding their money tighter than before. Thus, lower prices are key to attract these money-conscious consumers.

    5. Our products fulfill needs (i.e. we resell high-end clothing and accessories).

    6. Our accounting system is quite extensive, and maintains records of sales, purchases, cash-levels, expenses, payables, etc.

    7. Partnership. As a partnership, the other partners and myself are responsible for a lot more than your typical "larger" business. As well, liability falls directly on us so any losses the business incurs basically comes out of our pocket at the end of the day.

    8. All members of the business are related to financial management to some degree. Personally, in terms of purchasing and selling, I must be aware of market conditions and how this external financial information compares to our own prices/costs that we incur.

    9. We prepare mid-year, and annual financial statements for internal purposes. This includes balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and statements of retained earnings. This allows us to see the financial health of the company and allows us to budget and plan for the future.

    10. In terms of marketing, we have a certain "style" that is mandated by a mission statement. This style permeates throughout our business in terms of branding and promotions.

    11. We advertise predominantly through the internet, on forums, affiliates supplier webpages, and social networking sites.

    12. No, marketing is decided on by the partners of the business.

    13. We encourage feedback from our customers whether it be through mail, e-mail, or phone calls. This feedback is aggregated and we can then analyze where we are doing well in and what we need to improve on to meet the needs of our customers.

    14. A code of ethics is in place that stresses the importance of behavior that benefits the business while being socially and legally responsible. We expect our employees to act according to this code, to be professional, but at the same time, to have fun.

    15. Complaints from customers have rarely been met with legal action. However, there have been a few instances whereby unhappy customers have felt they could enforce legal action on us.

    16. We feel that giving back to the community is key. That, along with maintaining respect for the environment are the social initiatives that we hold true when operating our business.

    17. International issues extend only in terms of sales, when we have to ship our goods overseas. Of course, international issues including economics and politics in these countries are indirect factors to our business as well.

    18. As a reseller of clothing, along with any business for that matter, careers include sales representatives, financial managers, operational officers and accounting clerks.

    19. Education is very subjective, in our opinions, so it comes down to what you as a person, can bring to our company. We're not looking so much at your credentials, but rather if you can generate positive value to the company in the form of unique ideas, a strong work ethic, and a team mentality.

    20. Technology is importantly for the business, as we keep all our records on an online database. In addition, transactions are predominantly done through the computer, and communication between ourselves and our suppliers and customers are done online as well.

    Name: S.C. Go

    Title: Sales & Purchasing Manager

    Company: Ink It In

    Located in Kitchener, Canada.

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  • Ruth
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    Is there a deadline on this?

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