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Are there any Special Ops forces in real life like Rainbow Six?

I'm going to join the military when I'm 18 i want to be a US Army Ranger unless theirs a special ops force like Rainbow Six i know its just a game but i like what they're about,stopping terrorism saving hostages in hostile situations doing work all over the globe where and when your needed etc. very cool very admerable and very heroic, and i know the Marines has a team called FAST who does anti-terrorism work but not quite sure about all what they do will some one please answer both these questions for me, and some one with military experience would be cool thanks in advance =)

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    Rainbow Six is a part of the UN, not the American military. Although it draws from members of the military (Ding Chavez was a Marine, I believe) it's not strictly American. There is nothing like R6 for the reason that countries have to abide by territorial sovereignty, which means that an American team can't just up and intervene on say... a German situation unless they're asked first (ala the Munich Olympics.)

    However, that doesn't mean much, since I'm sure the men in the Anti-Terrorism sections of the military are hard at work, just look at the Navy SEALs who took down those Pirates in Somalia not too long ago.

    FAST (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team) is designed to deal with situations where increased security is required, but the Fleet Marine Force doesn't or can't get involved. An example would be if suddenly there was the threat of a terrorist attack on the American Embassy in South Africa (example here,) then FAST would join the regular embassy guard and act as added security to try and prevent the attack.

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    Real Life Rainbow Six

  • there is a unit called special operational force- detatchment delta (delta force). although they are not like they are portrayed in the chuck norris movie, they are real, and they are the best in the world. created in the late 70s stricktly as an anti-terrorist unit, they are denied to exist by the gov, but former soldiers have said that they were in it, so it only dosen't exist on paper. but u dont get to join it, just like all other special forces, u have to be selected after spending years in the standard army. but joining swat (special weapons and tactics) is just like rainbow six (never played it, but seen ads for it) and u have a better chance of gettn in it.

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    navy seals is pritty close but just remember for all of the special forces you need to be in amazing physical condition

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    army special forces is really close to ranbow six........but you need to be in serious good shape if ur going to make it......i wanna join army sf too=]

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    yup, its referred to as the North-American, Mediteranian, and Britain Liberation Alliance. they actually dont require earlier protection tension service, and have faith it or not they are truly kinda like that movie "Soldier" the place they choose to get you experienced early on so which you strengthen up with their values and theory technique.

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