labrum surgery procedure?

I was getting my labrum in my shoulder repaired next tuesday. I am aware of the procedure and everything. I went over all the stuff yesterday at the doctors. They mentioned a nerve block do you reccommend me get that or no? the thing that most worries me is the clothing part. I heard i have to wear nothing under the uhmm gown thing.. and then who dresses me and undresses me? this kinda creeps me out and makes me a tad uncomfortable.. im 17 by the way

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    The nerve block is nice in that you wont have any pain or discomfort after the surgery because you arm will be numb. The advantage of general anesthesia is that you are completely put to sleep and then you wake up after everything is done. The nerve block will have you awake and then you have to stay in one position until everything is done. You can't move around and all that for the length of time that the surgeon will be doing the surgery. It's a coin toss but for me I prefer to be put out completely. They can always give you a pain pump.

    As for the gown thing there will be a lesbian nurse to help you get dressed and undressed; lol. Just j/k No, It will be Robert Pattinson for sure.

    Source(s): work in orthopaedics Mass General Hospital Boston
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    yes I recommend donig the nerve block. You will have some one help yo uget dressed.

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