Need help with finding an optic/scope for my AR-15?

I am on the market for a optic for my AR 15 rifle,(a Smith & Wesson MP-15 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 REM)I was thinking about the ACOG but I don't know that much about the scope/optic end of the shooting world. I am looking for a scope/optic for CQC/CQB ranges and out to about 300 meters. I am not looking for some longer range type scope to play sniper with, I just want something for close to medium stuff. Also I plan to mount it on the flat top of the upper receiver on the M 1913 rails. So if anyone has some advise on what optic/scope to get or not to get please let me know.

Also Military and LE advice on what works best in the field would also be great, not that I am going to war or anything but I just want a weapons system that is true to is capabilities.

Thanks in advance

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    If you got the money you need not look any further than the Acog. It's one of the best medium range scopes and used by both law enforcement and the military. Just watch the news on Afghanistan or Iraq and you will generally see one of two things used by our troops, the Acog or Eotech. The Eotech works great but it's not magnified. So you have to used a magnifier. The Acog is an all in one compact scope set up. I've never owned one but I have used a friends 4x power and it was nice. Now it's made for more up close fighting than long range shooting. So it maybe a little rough doing some precision shooting out to 200-300yrds. But it will work great for CQB and some long range shooting.

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    Excellent choice on the M&P15. Not the best rifle, but definitely a good value. It'll serve you well.

    I think you may find the ACOG to not be the best for your needs. They have integrated magnification, which is excellent in a primarily counter-sniper type of role. However, it may not be exactly what you need.

    Considering you're looking at CQB, out to about 300meters, an ACOG is really over-kill. For CQB, it is easy to get tunnel vision on that magnified ACOG. You're also paying more than you really need to.

    I would recommend either an Eotech or an AimPoint red dot/reflex/holographic sight. They don't have magnification. Personally, I prefer Eotech, but a lot of people like AimPoint.

    Although the basic optic is not magnified, to get that 300meter range you can add a 3-4x magnifier behind it. Eotech and Aimpoint both offer magnifiers. Aimpoint has a twist-off mount, or a flip-aside mount. Eotech offers a flip-aside. The magnifiers are interchangeable, it doesn't matter who's you buy. I like the flip-to-side mount for the magnifier.

    This allows you non-magnified CQB, but by just flipping up the magnifier you instantly get the counter-sniper set up for longer range. This set up will cost you around $800-$1000, just a little less than an ACOG, but with a lot more versatility.

    Try to find a shop that has all of these, or try a gun show, see what you personally prefer. I like EoTech because the AimPoint reticles never look right to me. A whole lot of people prefer AimPoint, though. Both are great, as is the Trijicon ACOG, it is mostly preference.

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    ACOG's are really nice, and really overpriced. Still, they are built like a rock so a used one could be a viable option.

    I like the 4x models. Good magnification, and compact. I have been trying to get a nice used model at a decent price. Got outbid on a nice one the other day by a measly 10 bucks at the buzzer. Dang.

    I also think that an ACOG is not always the best choice, there are lot's of good scopes out there, and often at a cheaper price.

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    My brother in law has an ACOG on a RRA AR-15. It was a nice setup.

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