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injecting drugs??????????????

hey i just wanted to research drugs and wanted to ask ...

dyou knw when you inject any type of drug how are you the next day????

and what type of drug are you talking about?

all answers very muchhh appreciated! :D xxxxx

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    Injecting drugs is best left to med techs.

    The choice of WHICH drugs should be done by a doctor, who at least has a little info and practice on what might happen.

    Different drugs have VERY VERY different effects and so "how you are the next day" depends on many factors.

    There are so many health risks involved with injecting drugs that I won't waste space listing them all here.

    The most common side effect of untrained self administration of unknown drugs is death -

    I'm not kidding!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    If it don't kill you first than you are typically sick as hell! If you do heroin it will be worse and meths is bad to. You also risk all sorts of infections. Unless you have to do this because of a medical condition, i would not do it. You get sick after because your putting a high dose of a drug in to your system, so when it wears off your body gets sick tying to clean out all the toxins.

    Source(s): personal experince
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  • 5 years ago

    Yes, of course. Drugs are the best source of fun and knowledge, and you can sell to the black gentlemen to avoid getting shot in the skull region, the sex is cool too.

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