Is Salman Rushdie a Muslim?

...If he is, then why did he write a book cussing Islam?

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    he is not a muslim, he only has a muslims name. he has married four times, and non of his wives are muslim.

    A fatwa was issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, in February 1989 for his death.

    In 3 August 1989, a person called Mustafa Mahmoud Mazeh, targetted to kill salman rushdie in a explosion in London, but he got killed his self.

    Mustafa Mahmoud Mazeh was a Hizbollah activist sent by Hasan Nasrullah.

    People say Salman Rushdie was from a muslim shia family, but i do not believe that. No shia would do what he did.Hhe worser than kafir, as he has insulted islam as whole.

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    Poor Salman Rushdie didn't insult Islam. He only expressed his religious views. While the his book Satanic Verses was on sale for months on end, absolutely nobody from Muslim communities made any fuss over book Satanic Verses until that Iran leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiniwas displeased with how the book was written. It is usually the Imams or mullahs who stir all troubles among Muslims. They incite them to violence and hatred.

    I had indeed read the book and found nothing insulting. I am sure that if all the Muslims in the world have read the book, only half of them would absolutely find nothing offensive.

    Look at this way, "Dr" Zakir Naik supports "Dr" Rashad Khalifa, the man who changed the content of the Qur'an in his own translation. As result, Khalifa was murdered after a fatwa was cast upon him. He perverted the Qur'an only by saying that Allah called the Earth egg-shaped.

    Now "Dr" Zakir Naik is repeating what "Dr" Rashad Khalifa had said about egg-shaped Earth. Yet he gets off scotfree with impunity.

    How come both of these men said exactly the same things and received different consequences? One got killed by fatwa while the other is living free with impunity?

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    salman rushdie - heard of him, I'l be honest I don't quite know exactly who he his..all I know is that my dad told is sister in law that her father looks alot like Salmon Rushdie..she got really offended and stop talking to my dad..she's cut ties with the whole family now anyway, so she's always been abit strange..

  • *Controversy creates cash*.


    - Salman Rushdie

    - Dan Brown.


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  • RaTz
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    He's an atheist. An actual professed non-believer in god, I'm not using that as some kind of scare word like religious people like to sometimes.

  • Mike K
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    Yes he is. Many people who grow up in a particular religion write books or critiques venting their frustrations or disillusionment with the religion.

    I bought his Satanic Verses and found it a dry and boring exercise and the only reason I did was thanks to the the negative outrage from numerous Muslim leaders. Had they shut their mouths and ignored it, many of us would not have touched the book at all.


    Michael Kelly

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    Yes of course he is

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    i agree with darth sonja

  • he is a big kafir

  • 1 decade ago

    he is not.

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