what shall i do if i have a sauce i want to sell?

I have this receipe for a sauce used in most mexican dishes. I have not seen the sauce for sale anywhere and thougth their is still many people that would love to use it but dont know the receipe or just dont have the time to make it.So I think it will sale but I dont really know the steps to take next.

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    Try selling at farmers markets and/or speciality shops/mom and pop stores. I find great sauces and sausages at a tiny Italian market, many are their home made sauces they have packaged. If it is very unique, why not enter a recipe contest and contact manufactures of Mexican foods. I watched an episode of Oprah a few years back and she featured people who invented things that made them very wealthy. This one lade created a low fat muffin recipe......Pillsbury bought it from her - she wasn't allowed to tell for how much, but by the looks of her house, she did gooooood on that deal! Good luck to you.

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    google: copackers, co-packers, (your location)

    they are commercial kitchens who's only business is to bottle food for smaller private companies and other people who want to sell their sauces etc., to local or bigger grocery stores.


    --require your recipe with any specialized (name brand) ingredients. they sign an agreement to not copy or steal your recipe

    --they have a minimum run, some as low as 15 cases (approx twelve 12-16 oz "bottles" PER case) others can be higher in their minimum run, and thus more costly.

    --figure on a VERY min investment of around $2,000. This number can be higher depending on your ingredients to actually make. So it is important for you to figure out just how much it costs YOU to make it for yourself, then take their estimate of how much they will charge you for "the run", and see if they can make it cheaper per bottle

    Your label (logo, design etc) is supplied by you, so you need to get these costs figured out (printing etc)

    You should incorporate with your state (usually the secretary of state); this is about $200 or more depending on the type of corporation you will be. You also need to trademark your name so no one steals it. You can do this on line, or you can go there. In Illinois for example, their MAIN offices are in Chicago, Springfield and I think Joliet.

    You need to get a tax number (from your state) called a EIN as yes, you will be paying taxes on your profits

    Set up impeccable book keeping

    Then after you are allllllll done with that <whew> you need to do sales and marketing.

    some of the larger chains do have on their main web site a link for "purveyors". You apply to them to consider your product and wait. and wait. and wait.

    Some of the local (ethnic) mom and pop stores may take you on, call them or visit them.

    Either way you will be "renting" shelf space. Don't forget to add these to your costs so you can know what to charge.

    You might want to start low and charge less, but you'll make less.

    Say your product with all of the above costs $2 per bottle just to break even. You'd probably want to charge $4 then, so you can make a profit AND save $$ if you decide to make more sauce.

    This is just brief stuff, but most important, KNOW your competition and market.

    You might get a bit of business if you sell and market in a hispanic area, but keep in mind, these people already make their own homemade sauces.

    You cannot make in your own kitchen. Not only will you get a hefty fine from your health department, you may face legal action against you in case someone gets sick.

    Hope this all helps.

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    Check with your state on food ordinance first, then find a farmer's market or flea market you sell it at. If it succeeds there then look at going bigger by contacting larger companies if they are interested in buying your recipe or contact grocers and see if they will carry it. Good luck!

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    patent it first if you are intending on making a commercial product

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    sell it.

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