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How corrupted would a hard disk be if it had 102,332 bad sectors on it?

The Ubuntu Linux disk manager said that my mother's Hitachi 500GB HDD has that many bad sectors on it, Should she switch over to the older computer? Also, I ran file system repairing software, but would it be a hardware problem?

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    Bad sectors are a hardware problem. Most file systems compensate for bad blocks by marking them to avoid trying to use them again. A bad sector is physically unsuited for storing data.

    If you're got that many bad sectors, it's a pretty good sign that the disk may be reaching its end of life. I'd recommend backing up all remaining data on the disk onto other media (CDs, DVDs, other hard drives, magnetic tape, whatever). I'd also suggest moving to the older computer in the short term.

    Fear not, however! Hard drives are commodity parts that can be replaced! All you need to do is back up all your mom's data, replace the hard drive, possibly do some maintenance (might need to reinstall the OS, depending on the OS, clear up corrupted data, etc.), and the machine should be all set to use again. You should consult the manuals that came with the computer or the manufacturer's web site to figure out what kind of hard drive you'll need (both bay size and interface).

    In fact, this might be a good time to upgrade your mom's hard drive as a holiday gift.

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    format the hard drive

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