Should the T be removed from LGBT?

First off, I've NOTHING against transgendered people, but I just don't get why the T word needs to be included in LGBT. If your Transgendered your either Gay, Lesbian or Bi anyway, so why the need for the T?? Plus isn't gender and sexual orientation 2 different things...

Just curious what others think :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Of course, T's have no place in GLBT. Not only are T's inherently, vastly different from GLB's, the issues they deal with are worlds apart from the concerns of ordinary gays and Lesbians. "Similar oppression by society" is a ridiculous non-category, which if pursued logically would make us the companions of sadists, murderers, and necrophiliacs. Actually, for gays and Lesbians, in western Europe and in most First World countries, including the Blue States of America, the Struggle for Gay Rights is over: We've won. It's against the law now throughout most of the First World to discriminate against gays and Lesbians; and--perhaps more importantly--among the educated and upper socioeconomic classes, anti-gay bigotry is now as rare, as unfashionable, and as despised, as anti-Semitism. It's time now, in my opinion, to give up the "revolutionary" fight against a society which no longer oppresses us, in behalf of "allies" with whom we have no common interests and no sympathy, and to take our rightful place as a distinctive and valuable element within the larger culture. "Trans folk" need to find their own acceptance on their own terms.

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    1 decade ago

    I seconds Leah's answer. All trans people aren't gay, lesbian or bi. There are plenty of straight trans men and women like Leah and I.

    Anyway while I agree that sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing it doesn't matter. We are all discriminated against for un-just reasons. And all of us deserve our rights regardless of our differences.

    Our fight for equality should be about equality for all not just ourselves or groups similar to us. Until everyone has equal rights under the law that can't be revoked on a whim then none of our rights are safe.

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    Transgender issues are not about sexual orientation, but gender, correct. But we've been together this long, there's no reason to divide LGBT.

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    Once again I agree with Leah. She said it best.

    Personally I believe everything is connected.

    So why divide? The minute you drop the trans-people.

    You'll go after the drag-queens, the fem gays and butch lesbians next.

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  • KD
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    1 decade ago

    while there are totally different things, if you seperate transgendered people from gay, lesbian, and bisexual, they will in the long run, suffer more prejudice. equality for all, not for some. let's stick together and win this fight against unjust laws.

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    1 decade ago

    All groups of the LGBT have faced discrimination, imprisonment, and death because of who we are - something that we can not change.....

    we share that common bond - we are family. the rest of the world throws us away, it is up to us to stay together and keep the faith...

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    Yes its a good point but what is a male, who likes dressing as a woman but still sleeps with women? Trans-lesbian? So I guess they should have the T.

  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely not.

  • Koryn
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    1 decade ago

    Plain and simple answer. . .


    Source(s): Just A Woman Born Transsexual
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