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Help with honchkrow - pokemon diamond?

My current Honchkrow is:

Fly (to get around sinnoh)

Aerial ace

night slash

giga impact

I have EV trained honchkrow in attack and a little bit in speed.

I use it for cometititve battling mostly but do keep it in my in-game party.

Honchkrow has no real strategy, only to attack and cause as much damage as possible.

The only major problems are that aeriel ace is too weak and giga impact needs recharging leaving honchkrow vulnerable to attacks.

Remember, I am in pokemon diamond, not platinum so I cannot teach it move tutor moves like sucker punch, super power, etc. Also I have no more dusk stones so I cannot breed it to get egg moves like sky attack. So please, only tm's and levelling up moves only.

I do not want to get rid of Hochkrow. I want to keep it on my team.

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    I have platinum and I am willing to trade dusk stone for a shiney or rare candy! BUT I am ground for at least 25 more days... I'll EMAIL you when Im ready ok?

    HERE SOMETHING FOR YA!!! (oh crap they all contain superpower... sorry)


    Insomnia ~

    Prevents sleep.

    Super Luck ~

    Critical hit rate increases one stage.

    Dark / Flying

    Name - Item - Ability - Nature

    Physical Attacker - Choice Band / Life Orb - Insomnia - Adamant / Jolly

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Sucker Punch

    ~ Drill Peck

    ~ Superpower

    ~ Pursuit / Night Slash

    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    The combination of STAB Sucker Punch, base 125 Attack, and Choice Band (or Life Orb) is a deadly way to attack and to finish your opponents off. STAB Drill Peck can OHKO incoming Heracross and Breloom, and does massive damage to Machamp. Superpower is for Steel-types, such as Heatran and Magnezone, who resist Sucker Punch and Drill Peck, and it is your best attack against both Tyranitar and Blissey.

    The final move simply comes down to preference. Pursuit can be useful for playing mind games with your enemy. Your opponent might attempt to switch out to prevent Sucker Punch from damaging them and instead be caught off-guard and forced to take a hit. Night Slash makes prediction easier by allowing Honchkrow to attack with a powerful Dark STAB without the requirement of the opponent using a damaging attack.

    Insomnia is preferred on this set because Honchkrow has a hard time switching in with his mediocre defenses. He does, however, boast two immunities and can absorb an incoming Hypnosis, so switching in isn't a major problem. Adamant or Jolly is again a matter of preference, this time as to whether you want more power or if you want enough Speed to outrun neutral natured base 80 Speed Pokemon. Life Orb is a fine option if you prefer to prevent being locked into an attack at the cost of 10% of health per turn.

    Name - Item - Nature

    Choice Specs - Choice Specs - Mild / Hasty

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Dark Pulse

    ~ Heat Wave

    ~ Superpower

    ~ Hidden Power Flying / Hidden Power Rock / Sucker Punch

    4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Honchkrow also boasts base 105 Special Attack and can effectively make use of Choice Specs. Not only that, but it has an advantage over other special sweepers in that its Superpower can 2HKO Blissey, normally the bane of Choice Specs sets. Hidden Power Flying is STAB and does decent damage against the usual Fighting-types. Sucker Punch allows Honchkrow to finish off certain Pokemon that are weaker in health and faster than Honchkrow. Hidden Power Rock is mainly another filler, but it deals decent damage to Zapdos, Gyarados, Salamence, and Dragonite who dare switch in. Either ability is fine here: Insomnia gives you an easier time switching in, though Super Luck might look a bit more appealing on this set as the critical hit rate can help compensate for his not-spectacular Special Attack stat (compared to his base Attack). Mild or Hasty are the preferred natures as they hinder neither Superpower nor Sucker Punch, and the Speed boost is more than welcome.

    Name - Item - Ability - Nature

    Choice Scarf - Choice Scarf - Super Luck - Naive

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Night Slash

    ~ Drill Peck

    ~ Superpower

    ~ Heat Wave

    248 Atk / 48 SpA / 212 Spe

    Honchkrow's 71 base Speed is rather mediocre in comparison to his other stats — and if low speed is the affliction, then Choice Scarf is the cure. Night Slash alongside Super Luck works wonders on this set, since Honchkrow will have a 25% chance of scoring a critical hit with each attack, and a 43.75% chance of scoring at least one critical hit out of two attacks. Drill Peck can put massive damage on Heracross - now slower than Honchkrow unless it is holding a Scarf of its own. Superpower decimates Blissey once again and Heat Wave cooks the usual Steel-types not named Heatran (who loses to Superpower anyway). The Speed EVs beat Modest Heatran carrying a Choice Scarf and will outpace Timid Alakazam.

    Name - Item - Nature

    Nasty Plot - Life Orb / Expert Belt - Hasty / Naive

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Nasty Plot

    ~ Dark Pulse

    ~ Heat Wave

    ~ Superpower

    4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    This set is an interesting twist on the normal Honchkrow which abuses his high Attack and Special Attack stats to become a powerful wall breaker. Especially with Stealth Rock supporting this set, Honchkrow tears through stall teams, or really any team that cannot outspeed it. Superpower is what really allows Honchkrow to shine as a wall breaker, dealing massive damage to or OHKOing Blissey, Heatran, Tyranitar, and Snorlax, who otherwise wall this set.

    You must tread carefully when you Nasty Plot, however, as even medium-strength attack can put a huge dent into Honchkrow, despite his good HP stat. It could use some support from other Pokemon ranging from Thunder Wave to passing a simple Substitute or Agility, and Rapid Spin is always appreciated by a Pokemon which is weak to Stealth Rock.

    Source(s): honchkrow (I can give you kecleon too HEHEHE!!!!!!)
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    1. You have two flying attacks, both are physical. What are the chances you need both?

    2. You need to pick if it's going to be competitive, or for in-game. If it's competitive, then Fly is a horrible move.

    3. Giga Impact sucks, and gives the opponent a free switch.

    Good job EV training, but a better moveset would be:

    Honchcrow@Choice band

    Night Slash


    Drill Peck

    Sucker Punch

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    The only thing that can be done to help it within my rememberance is using an action replay to teach it moves.

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