Can you help me choosing the topic? and give me tips?

my teacher want us to choose topic and the talk about that topic in just 5 minute

can you help me choosing topic or choose short article

and can you give me tips how can I talk and be confident cuz I always feel nervosa and forget what I want to say when I'm talking in front of the whole class

sorry if my eng not good

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    Hi gud mrng, any one topic which u r intresting (LIKE pollution,love marriage vs arrange marriages,computers, crime,politics,etc.....not only these which u r showing intresting) it twice r thrice each sentence and paragraph,make it important point in a paper,write it in u are own words (general words).

    3.if u not getting any word meaning check its meaning in dictionary u r own notes which u prepare

    5.finall try to explain u r self in mind or some place

    6.try to explain same topic with u r frnds to over come fear

    7.when u r giving seminar are lecture in the class,first think all are u r frnds and classmates (may be u will be in fear 30sec r 1min ) dont worry about it ,please dont look u r frnd ,they will make u laugh.

    8.concentrate on u r topic ,keep going on with u r own words.

    9.wear a good dress ,i will gives u ,good points


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  • 1 decade ago

    If you can choose any topic you like, I would choose a topic you are really intrested in. That way you will probably feel more confident because you know alot about the topic and can't really mess up! :3 So, really just pick something you like alot. I feel nervous before presentations, too. But, you just have to deal with it and get it over with you feel so much better after it's all done!

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    1 decade ago

    talk about where u came from because u must b more familiar with that.... good luck

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