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The Yankees blew it by not landing Lackey, Halliday or Lee. Brian Cashman is clueless?

I can't believe he landed Granderson, a great move, but then fails to land a quality starter after the Yankees had to go with a three man rotation on three days rest in the playoffs and World Series. Cashman still thinks Joba Chamberlain can be a top notch starter when he's so clearly shown the last two years that he's no good as a starter. I can't believe Cashman. He's still an idiot, despite the Yankees winning #27. He's playing with house money now. Why not go for the gusto and land Lackey, Halliday or Lee? The Yankees would be a five year dynasty if Cashman had made that move. Now they're still stuck with two quality starters in CC and Pettitte, a bust in AJ Burnett and Joba who can't last 4 innings. Forget about Chien-Ming Wang. They've given up on him and rightfully so. He'll sign with the Nationals who so desperately need pitching they'll sign anybody.


You're all too optimistic about Joba and Hughes as starters. And AJ Burnett is at best a 14 game winner who chokes in the playoffs. If they sign Ben Sheets that may solve the problem if he's healthy, a bg if. But they're pitching if it stays this way wii not be to win

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    Lee looks set to test the free agent market in a year. So Cashman is putting together a solid enough rotation, hopefully improve the lineup while waiting to throw money at the (this bit should sound familiar) former Indian lefty with Cy Young credentials. Why overpay for Lackey? He is a solid #2/#3 style pitcher, what the Yankees should look for is a true ace. Dealing Joba or Hughes along with the next great Yankee catcher Montero should not have been an option and thankfully wasn't.

    The Yankees are contenders next year, particularly if they direct all the money coming off the payroll at Holliday/Bay. Get Sheets and Wang for incentive deals and if they both come up injured the Yankees have the same rotation they had this year, with a much stronger lineup. Then go get Lee if needed.

    In the words of the legendary Larry David (as Big Stein): I smell a Pennant!!!

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    "He's still an idiot, despite the Yankees winning #27"

    This line makes no sense. I think if he was an idiot they wouldn't have won last year. Also, I'm sure the Yankees tried to get those players. There's a lot more decisions involved then Cashman's. They couldn't get Lee or Halladay because they don't have the prospects the Blue Jays and Phillies wanted. Lackey could have wanted to play for the Red Sox more than the Yankees.

    And don't count out Phil Hughes as a potential starter.

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    If you want to compare Cashman track record to other GMs I would hardly say he is clueless! Halladay was the main event in this deal. Lackey is good, maybe very good, but not great! Not on the same level as Halladay. Lee may be in Seattle for now but the trading season is far from over. This may not be the last stop for him, certainly if Seattle can't or won't come up with the dollars Lee wants.

    You statement is unrealistic. There would be no way that the Yankees could land all three. They would have to give up plenty in personnel plus dollars. It will never happen. You sound like the kind of person who wants the Yankees to go 162-0.

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    Lackey didn't start the first 3 months of the season, probably concerns with his longevity. Joba, their trying to make a point that they can farm good players like other squads. But they cant. They shouldnt have to. Burnett is no bust. Cliff Lee is the real deal Holyfield though. Damon and Matsui came through in the new ballpark but who knows how long that will last. Granderson was definitely a clutch pickup for yall.

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    What a pointless rant. I only wish Cashman were clueless.

    Perhaps the GMs of Philadelphia, Toronto and Seattle were thinking strategically and making a deal so as not to strengthen the Yankees? If other teams make a trade without involving the Yankees, it's their choice and has nothing to do with Brian Cashman. And maybe Lackey just likes the color red.

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    interestingly not, yet i assume i individually don't understand the dislike. The Yankees and Cashman would have heavily low-balled Jeter as a factor of the negotiation technique, yet extremely they respectfully performed rapidly with him and provided him lots greater suitable than his marketplace fee to stay. From all comments Cashman provided Jeter $15 million consistent with year for 3 years, not the $9 million consistent with year you point out fwiw, and $15 mil consistent with year is probable already on the threshold of two times his marketplace fee everywhere else. If Jeter willingly turns down an furnish it extremely is severely greater suitable than his marketplace fee that is Jeter's fault, not Cashman's IMO. Secondly, the Yankees have because of fact that gained a international sequence with out Torre. i'm uncertain how winning a international sequence with out Torre proves in any way that the Yankees nonetheless prefer Torre to win or that Cashman made a mistake with the aid of letting him walk. only because of fact the Yankees gave A-Rod a "undesirable" settlement would not recommend they ought to make the errors lower back and supply a 36-year-previous Jeter some ridiculous 6 year $a hundred and fifty million settlement too. attempting to repair one costly long-term "mistake" with yet another costly long-term mistake is undesirable enterprise.

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    Even the Yankees don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend. They didn't have the pieces to get Halladay, and Lee was never an option, b/c Philly wouldn't trade him unless they were getting an ace back, which the Yankees wouldn't be giving up (sorry, Burnett wouldn't cut it).

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    They just won a World Series...Cashman is not clueless, but you might be.

    They might have a 5 year dynasty anyway...which means a post season appearance and another world title...and 2-3 series appearances...surely you don't expect them to win the WS every year.

    It took one hell of a lot for the Phillies to land up Utely, Hamels and Cliff how would the Yankees manage that.

    Sorry kid, you win a WS, you consolidate the's true Chamberlain is no ace, but he could still be a 4th starter. Almost anyone can be a 5th starter on a strong team like that.

    Burnett is not quite a bust..but if he is, do you have another team that wold like to take him? Toronto..duh? They just got rid of him over salary and arm issues

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    Good grief, man. Burnett is a bust? Cashman is clueless. This doesn't even deserve a response.

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    I like the guy here who thinks that the Phillies gave up Lee, Utley, and Hamels for Halladay.

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