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jail and serious medical care Indianapolis ind.?

my uncle is on oxygen 24/7 and needs a special machine to help him breath when he sleeps. he also has difficulty walking. He was pulled over and unknown to him his license was suspended. well long story short this is a first offense for him but he was charged with a class A misdemeanor and his attorney told him that there was a new judge in traffic court and this judge had been locking people up in similar Cases for as long as 6 months! my aunt is worried sick about my uncle and his health.she will use any and all resources to see the state provides adequate medical care for my uncle if incarcerated. When a person is in fragile health how do jails handle it? how can they justify locking up a person that requires that level of care and the specialized medical equipment he requires? the cost is not cheap. any info appreciated, thanks

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    Medical expenses are extremely high in jails and prisons. The burden of payment is often placed upon the taxpayer.

    In most cases of a preexisting case, such as your uncles, the medical expenses are already paid by his medical insurance and will continue to be paid by the insurance company...not the taxpayer!

    A Class A Misdemeanor is a pretty significant offense and not normally associated with a suspended or revoked license. It would normally be more closely associated with a criminal not traffic offense.

    Courts understand issues of over-crowding along with medical "exemptions," however, it is not a rule of thumb to always consider medical issues as an excuse to decide whether a jail term is ordered or not!

    How is this justified...Justice is blind! When looking at "Lady Justice" you will see a blindfold over her eyes. This signifies that justice is to be equal onto everybody!

    If I committed murder from a wheelchair...should I escape a prison sentence just because I'm confined to the!

    Source(s): Police Officer +30 years
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