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我要做羅曼蒂克(浪漫) 那個時代的




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    France's era clothing

    這是法國羅曼蒂克(浪漫) 那個時代的






    These images are of British actresses from late Victorian and early Edwardian times, when fashion played an important role on the stage, and the stage played an important role in British fashion. On stage, the dresses actresses wore were very influential in setting fashion trends. For the fashion houses, this was obviously a great opportunity to showcase their work, and links with a theatre's costumier were a useful publicity tool. The occasion of a trip to the theatre also gave society ladies a chance to show off some of their fine and most fashionable gowns.

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    Oscar Wilde certainly took part in this theatre fashion cycle, and he made an observation on men's fashion of the time which I found quite interesting: that the increasingly simplified menswear of the time no longer allowed for male expression but served simply

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    mainstream menswear, it may not be so uniform, but it still is in many ways fairly restrictive or dare I say boring at times...

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    the fact that it is still not really accepted for men to wear skirts in mainstream western culture is an obvious restriction on creative possibilities... but, I'm getting off topic! (There's a good article on men in skirts in the latest issue of Yen magazine if you're interested)

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    As I was saying, the idea that displaying dresses, or 'theatricalising' them, could be used as an effective way to market fashion springs from this period. Indeed, one of the earliest forms of the modern fashion

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    parade took place in couturiere Lucile's London shop in around 1900. To me though, what is most interesting about this period in theatre and fashion is that it seems to recognise the essential link that exists

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    between fashion and performance. After all, every time we put on clothes we are putting on a 'costume', as no clothing is 'essential' or natural, nor without symbolic meaning. (Hello fashion philosophy! Sorry,

    I am writing an essay right now and my brain is in full analytical mode)

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