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Who do you think would win?

With whatever information you know of the countries listed below , pick which of the two would win in a military fight/conventional or asymmetrical war. (You must assume in each scenario setup that the two countries will go to war within the year with whatever technologies they have already and whatever current situation they are in as well).

U.S vs Russia

G.Britain vs Russia

Russia vs China

China vs U.S

Pakistan vs India

India vs China

Iran vs NATO

Brazil vs Columbia and Mexico

U.S vs G.Britain

Israel vs Syria/Palestine

and just for fun...

Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee


thats true, wow I forgot that movie!

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    With nukes this would all be armageddon...I really don't see too many actual winners in this even if they fought conventional but for the heck of it:

    A)US if they invaded us....probably Russia if we tried to take their own turf

    B)Russia couldn't take afghanistan and GB's navy is pretty'd be a very long one..and since in the word's of Churchill "England will never surrender" then I say stalemate

    C)China eventually because of updated technologies and shear numbers of ground forces but it would also take a while





    H)Columbia/Mexico using drug profits to finance it

    I)Impossible..would never happen in this millenium

    J)Israel easily

    I'm taking Steve Segal "Lawman" at his best

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    Too much thought for the rest, but Chuck Norris has a lot more experience since "Enter the Dragon", and Bruce Lee is already dead, so Chuck by default, if nothing else.

  • Tyler
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    Im just saying the U.S. would win in every war besides against china and for one reason only. Sheer number. China can take out a third of the U.S. before we even have a chance to react. Dont thumbs down me im not hating on the U.S. at all its just fact; they have way too many people. If they didnt have 20 billion people willing to fight for their country, we would own the shi**t out of them. The U.S. military is the strongest, smartest, most diciplined military in the world. And THATS fact.

  • bill
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    I'm not much for hypothetical questions but Bruce lee killed chuck Norris in enter the dragon (i believe that's the one)

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    Nobody wins in a war, and with the horrible technology we have now, we could easily wipe out all life on the planet.

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    U.S.A would take out everyone. And that's all that matters.

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