What do atheists believe?

I can see the appeal of sharing your deeper thoughts with those of like-minds... but whenever i feel myself agreeing with someone else, my first instinct is usually to question it. mainly, i don't believe in wasting too much of my short time on this planet talking and worrying about what other people choose to waste their time believing, talking, and worrying about when i don't believe it's worth wasting time over. Instead i waste my time quietly trying to figure out what I alone DO believe in, since, ya know.. i'm the only one who can really figure that out... and if i die having only figured out that a lot of other human beings on this planet waste their whole lives believing in something i believe is ignorant and futile.. well.. i think that would be a waste. haha. and if i bothered to go out of my way to explain to some holier-than-thou why i think hes "dumb for being ignorant" and my only proof is my own opinion possibly validated by a bunch of people who also dont believe in the things i dont believe in, how would that make me any more aware and in control of my own existence than he? id say i was worse off. to them their anger and emotional state are a righteousness from god that is undeniable, but to me, they are chemical reactions going on in my brain that i can easily learn to set aside and instead choose to be logical and move forward towards something meaningful, but instead ive chosen to argue about nothing at all with someone who will never agree with me for no greater purpose than my own conceit. there is nothing logical about theological debates, so what is the point?


de ƒåç†ø atheist - I believe in reporting abuse.

pretty much all the rest - I dont believe in reading answers from people who only read and answered the Title...

Update 2:

Sir George - i think its hilarious that you took the time to make judgments on my grammar when at first i was(and actually still am now) convinced you werent a native english speaker. hypocrite indeed. if you want to judge other people for not living up to your meaningless pet peeve AT LEAST cover your own *** by re-reading YOUR crap to make sure it makes sense, before sending it through.

for the record, I DONT GIVE A **** ABOUT GRAMMAR.

Update 3:

the reason this is all one paragraph and its a bit overly personal is because i had typed it out to a friend on facebook, and then i realized i was being a hypocrite for judging him for judging other people. but i had already typed it out and it explained how i felt.

Update 4:

i was not talking about ALL athiest nor ALL christians(i didnt even say christian if you actually READ what i wrote).

ive noticed quite a few people like to pretend im generalizing in order to make up an argument against me. i think all those people are freaking idiots and i wish theyd stop wasting everyones time.

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    I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.

    I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows.

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    Well, you seem to be quite a.... well let's say independent person. From what I get from this you feel like your opinion is the only one that really matters, to you, since you're the only one who can decide what you think. Personally, as an atheist I want as many other opinions as I can get. I feel that I can only make up my mind when I have heard others. I think that theological debates are useful because they challenge your ideas. If you can get over these challenges your belief is that much stronger because of it. However, it must be clarified that a theological debate entails a reasonable discussion between two people who are respectful of the others ideas. If one person simply gets angry then you're correct and that is useless.

  • "Atheism can be either the rejection of theism, or the position that deities do not exist."

    -Oxford Dictionary

    As for your paragraph.....stop trolling. You generalize too much and don't seem to process logic yourself. Do you honestly thing that logistics only revolves around atheism? Get real. Is it logical to call upon one as ignorant, foolish, dumb, wasting their lives, believing in a certain God or even religion, and are constantly angry? I know a ton of religious people who don't do any of these things, and accept science more or less. You try grouping a whole people under one label, by which in your argument you say both that you dislike it when others do it to you and that your someone who doesn't care about these people; yet you are here ranting and hypocritically labeling and illogically offending them. Again, do you honestly think all science revolves around atheism? To me your the one whom is generalizing and dull. Go back to grammar school and learn to write before calling others "dumb".

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    Look at the beauty of life and nature in all it's uniqness and complexity and be happy you found out for yourself what life is all about. I just watch the discovery channel and marvel at all the awesome creatures i'll never see. Be content and don't let the mundane, hopeless people weigh you down. Also get into science if your an atheist, watch documenteries and keep up with new research it just enforces your confidence in what you know and no one else matters.

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    I believe raspberries are better than blackberries. I believe helping others is a good thing. I believe we need to have less impact on the environment if we are to survive and thrive. I believe any set of beliefs that causes you to embrace ignorance of the world around you is a dangerous belief that needs to be eradicated. I believe one way to eradicate such dangerous beliefs is to bring them to light in a public format where the undecided can judge them, and see the reasons to avoid them. I believe attrition from that will do the rest.

    I believe a lot of things, but the supernatural and the existence gods are not among them.

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    " there is nothing logical about theological debates"

    You got that right.

    Logic is the way to go. If you don't have logic, no one will care to listen or even consider you. In anything else, people will think you're crazy. Yet, when you have god, which is just as crazy and unfounded as anything else you can believe, they ignore the fact that there is absolutely no reason to believe in him, just because he's been the model of humanity for so long. Where is the gap here? God is just as, if not more, stupid, unrealistic, unfounded, etc., as the rest of humanity's bad ideas, yet people die to defend it. Does anyone see how stupid this is?

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    (This is the truest statement I have ever seen on R&S)

    but instead ive chosen to argue about nothing at all with someone who will never agree with me for no greater purpose than my own conceit. there is nothing logical about theological debates, so what is the point?

    Now... Can we start working toward asking religious and spiritual questions and getting and giving answers?

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    Atheists believe there is no God.

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    a true atheist believes in only what his five senses tell him, and nothing else

    no witches, demons, angels, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, leprechauns, fairies, Santa Claus, astrology or anything of an occult nature

    EDIT: it isn't enough to say, 'an atheist believes in no-God' because THAT is a belief, and many who say they don't believe 'in God' do believe in things like angels, demons, ghosts, etc, because they really don't know what the word 'atheism' means

    it means they believe in NOTHING outside of the five senses

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    This atheist doesn't believe in reading long paragraphs on stupid websites.

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