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jims320 asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

MLB: Halladay trade: Why would Happ/Blanton take phisicals and not Lee?

The Phillies Joe Blanton and J Happ have taken physicals along with prospect donald brown. While they took physicals today Cliff Lee agent said he hadnt heard anything other then rumors. Dose this mean it is possible Lee is not involved in the trade?


reports now saying philly may be reciving a reliever in the deal.

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    1 decade ago
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    Lee is probably involved in the trade if Seattle is. Otherwise, what is in it for the Mariners? And why would the Blue Jays want Lee if he'd be a rent-a-player in the same position Halladay is? In one way or another, Lee is probably involved. I'd imagine Happ took a physical because he's been in every trade rumor imaginable and they'd want things to move quickly if they looked for alternative players. When it comes to physicals, think about it this way. If you heard they got one, they got it. But if you didn't here they got one, they still may have gotten one (even if there are reports saying they didn't get one because they may be in the process of doing it). I don't think Blanton would command much back in return at 5-6 million. He'd get something. If Randy Wolf just got 10 million per year and is clearly better than Blanton (at least when healthy), I'd imagine Blanton is at least 3 million less. The questionable players right now are Michael Taylor and Kyle Drabek. Although Dominic Brown took a physical, I haven't heard him being apart of the trade.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you might be on to something. i read somewhere but i cant remember where that seattle wanted 2 more starting pitchers not 1 when asked if they were interested in lackey. so it could be very possible that it is blanton and happ and not lee. but who really knows at this point there are so many different stories out there just gunna have to wait until its official.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cliff Lee is involved.

    this is not one big trade, but two separate trades.

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