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MLB Trade Rumor: Halladay to Philly Lee to Seattle. Mistake?

So the rumors are out. In my opinion Halladay for Lee is good for the phillies. From what is being reported though The phillies would also be sending Drebek, a future ace and a potenial all-star outfielder to toronto. It seems to be that is to high a price. Drebek should be untouchable. I see sending the outfielder. Brown or Michaels.

Yes Halladay is an upgrade from Lee but a small upgrade. And with the offense the phillies have there really no reason to do this. Seattle isnt going to be in contenion for a playoff spot this year. They have pen trouble and a lineup that will not score enough for the 3-5 starters. Why trade for a guy who wont be there the following season?

Toronto Just wants prospects for Halladay and they should make out well bringing in 3-5 guys with potenial.

Give your opinions on the trade.

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    Personally I think it is a mistake. Cliff Lee was practically untouchable in the playoffs. He is a gamer who obviously possesses mental toughness. I just can't imagine Halladay pitching any better than Lee did under pressure.

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    Only time will tell if the trade is a mistake by any of the teams involved. If the Philadelphia can sign Halladay for several years that's better than losing Lee to free agency. At the same time if Lee stays in Seattle for more than this year it may be worth it.Personally I think Toronto loses no matter who they get.they lose their anchor of the staff and really don't get anyone to replace him. The Phils are not going to send anybody who can rise to that level.

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    That isn't sensible. I recommend why not shop a glass that ruled for you interior the 2nd 0.5 of the season, and helped you attain the playoffs? I recommend people know that he's sweet, so why not sign him to a protracted term deal. it may be with a contending group. Now it only isn't sensible. they are going to have different communities going after him, and that they're going to could pay Cliff Lee lots greater money then they could have in the event that they could have signed him in the process the offseason. i think of it replaced right into a mistake not signing him interior the low season, yet now's only too previous due. as properly, they have Roy Halladay. The Phillies could additionally could provide away greater of their potentialities, which does not look good, becuase i think of communities could shop their potentialities. this could depleat their farm equipment rather.

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