10 points to whoever can come up with a more clever saying?

"Life's not a guitar, so don't fret it"

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    1 decade ago
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    Here are my TOP TEN clever sayings:

    10. Life is not a sauna, so don't sweat it.

    9. Good friends are like calculators, you can always count on them.

    8. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes it takes you up, sometimes it takes you down, sometimes it throws your for a wild loop and makes you pee your pants.

    7. Excuses are like drugs, the more you use them the more you HAVE to use them.

    6. For teens, life is like a fancy sports car, they all want one of their own ...as long as Dad and Mom pay for it and keep it running.

    5. Adversity is like a steaming pile of horse manure, it stinks, you never step in on purpose, but if you aren't afraid to work a little into the soil of your life, it makes things grow better.

    4. Life is not a Rastafarian hairdo, so don't dread it.

    3. Philosophy is like ...duh!?

    2. Life is like a mother, everybody has one, ...some are just uglier than others.

    1. Mean people are like vacuum cleaners, they suck ...and nobody likes the dirt bags.

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    The first art contest winners were chosen by a drawing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    stupid is as stupid does

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