Racism in Australia?????????????

Are Australians racist against aboriginals?

I find on here there is allot between blacks and whites in America, is it the same in Australia?

Over all do people think that Australia is a racist country?


I dont really want any hate comments please.

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  • Riley
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    1 decade ago
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    Honestly no, nobody here is...

    It's ironic how Americans, who have never set foot out side of the United States or have ever been to Australia, have this misconception. Or also thinks that Australia is just like the United States, and Aboriginals are just like black Americans. By trying to mix their American history with and into our Australian history and very unique culture they have no knowledge of.

    Also, their description of Aboriginals as being "the real Australians" is incorrect. Before the arrival of British settlers. The aboriginal people of Australian were divided into 500 separate tribes. Even in 2009 aboriginal people never considered themselves to be a single political or ethnic unit.

    As with their repeated mentioning of stealing land, Australia is the same size in land mass as the United States. Over five sixths of Australia's entire landmass is Aboriginal tribal and sacred lands. Which we can't ever enter or set foot on their lands unless invited and given permission by the whole tribe. Their is only 22 million people in Australia, this population figure includes all aboriginal tribal populations, all Australian born person and foreign person population who have migrated here.

    Their is over 307 million persons in the United states, all living in the exactly the same sized landmass. I know over five sixths of the United states landmass isn't tribal and sacred lands or the US government monetary pays Native American tribes for lease of their tribal lands. Nor does the US government give all Native American people.

    "Free" houses, medical and dental treatment , medication, glasses, university education and fortnightly government payments or Abstudy payments to attend school and 25% off all of their electricity, natural gas, phone utility bills. Or has ever apologised to all native Americans for stealing their culture or native tribal lands.

    With the claims of Australia as being white is also a misconception, their are many indigenous ethnicity's who live here from all corners of the globe. Including quite a few of us ex pat Native Americans who are Aussies and call Australia home. ( I'm Pottawatomie )

    Their is no ethnic separatist, neighbourhoods, schools, bars, clubs or restaurants etc, nor gangs anywhere in Australia. But they do have indigenous television channels on TV which run 24/7 that are 100% fully run by indigenous persons. Which show indigenous films, documentaries, children's shows, game shows, news and current affairs etc, etc. As well as the Deadly Awards which recognise the achievements of all indigenous persons, in sport, medical, medicine, films, music, etc. Also ever single child in Australia in Australian schools is taught, aboriginal culture.

    Foreign persons who don't understand, our Australian unique culture, think Australians are racist being it's up to every person living in Australia to be a caretaker. To protect our unique, culture, traditions, customs, values, laws, land, animals, oceans and free society lifestyles.

    Since our Australian government and all Australians, refuse foreign white anting and foreign political correctness, laws,religion to white ant away the foundations of our unique culture. As well refuse foreign persons to enter our country. Who disrespect Australian citizens, culture. laws and lifestyle.

    It's the white ants, bleeding hearts, hanky twisters and religious do gooder who destroy cultures and governments with their multicultural text book thinking, who call Australians racists. For protecting our country, from being white anted, like what has happened to Holland, France, the UK, currently in Canada and happening now in the United States.

    Mateship is very strong within Australian culture foreign people don't understand how deep this runs in Australia. If one Australian person is hassled or needs financial help, a roof over their head, food in their belly, clothes on their back or a blanket, they have it.

    Also every Australian regardless their ethnicity, colour, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, non or personal beliefs. Has exactly the same equal human rights and freedoms without discrimination. Also every Australian, man, woman and child is protected from verbal, mental, physical or domestic violence or affray.

    Just as anywhere in the world, you may get a few sticks and stones ethnic remarks thrown at you from stupid minded people. But honestly when has ever a silly name from an idiot ever truly hurt any person. Living and working here, I have never found any Australian person racist. I really admire how they all protect their unique culture, their is nothing racist about that.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I agree with the comments that we are a multicultural society and have very little racism To answer your additional information, we have had mass immigration from non British nation since the 1940's starting with Greeks and Italians, then Vietnamese in the 70's and most recently Lebanon & Sudan. Initially theses communities tend to stick together at first but over the years the Anglo Australian culture permeates the new arrivals and some of their culture flows back, people tend to move and blend. My comparison is it is very unlike the US, suburbs and schools in areas with a large number of new arrivals will of course have more students of that background but it never remains that way for decades. These days I think most Aussies would find in boring to live ina monocultural neighbourhood

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well they stole the land from them and killed a lot of them, and 30 years ago they had the "white only policy" i think not all of them are racist, but some are

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wherever there is white people tryin to rule, there will be racism. That's a fact

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