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How do you make a river using sugar and cellophane?

my cousin said it was possible to use sugar, coloured with food colouring, and cellophane to make a river.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cellophane is used sometimes to simulate rivers, but the type of river and it's surface could matter. For example, just putting a sheet of blue or other color cellophane on top of a "painting" or drawing of random turbulence, waves, etc. would create one look. Crinkling the cellophane first would create a much choppier look (opened or left very crinkly).

    The sugar part might be a sugar syrup** poured over the cellophane to make it harder though other clear drying liquids could be used too.

    Or one or more layers of clear or tinted liquids (slightly different browns, blues, greens, etc.) that dry hard could be applied over each other (after each dries) ... like polyurethane, clear acrylic mediums, etc.

    **make a sugar syrup by mixing equal parts of table sugar and water in a pot, then heat and stir till the liquid is completely clear


    Diane B.

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