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immigration and customs enforcement training questions?

I want to know what is the training that takes place in during the 22 weeks. I know the obstacle course has to be done in 1 min. 45 seconds, and 1.5 miles done in 14.5 minutes. I am sure there is much more to the training than that. If anyone knows please let me know, I am training for it as of now. I have the battery tests printed out (example tests). Thanks!!!


that was GREAT info! thanks!!! yes its for special agent...but wait i am submitting my test this summer, and I know its about 1 year of interviewing...I am getting so lost, I need to talk to the Special Agent recruiter in my area I guess... so would that mean 4 years??? for hire?

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    Are you going for Immigration Enforcement Agent (detention and deportation), or are you going for special agent?

    You mentioned 22 weeks, so I'm going to assume you are going for special agent. During the training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) You will do PT 3 or more days a week. You will do firearms training, arrest techniques, baton training, OC (pepper) spray training, and defensive tactics training. You will progress through each of those one at a time, except firearms. Firearms training is continuous. You will get OC sprayed your first couple of weeks. That's right, YOU will get sprayed by the instructor. Then you have to run a quarter mile. Fun.

    In the first 12 weeks or so, in addition to your physical training, you will be placed in the Criminal Investigations Training Program (CITP). CITP consists of recruits from different agencies, including ATF, US Marshals, and US Secret Service. It is inter-agency training, and you will study basic criminal investigation techniques side by side.

    After you graduate from CITP, you will immediately start your agency specific training (ICE). You will study immigration laws, drug laws, customs laws, money laws, anti-terrorism, gangs and much more. Then you graduate........it all goes down-hill from there....lol.

    Have you already been hired? Or did you recently apply? If you recently applied, and get a tentative offer, you got about a 3 year wait before hire.

    Good luck.

    EDIT** Well, if you haven't done anything yet, except decide you want to work for ICE, go here: http://www.ice.gov/careers/index.htm

    You will have to call a field office somewhere (preferably the area you want to work) and ask. They aren't hiring right now. But you could put an interest card in or something so you will be in the system. If they have interest in you, they will give you a PIN. You use that to get a testing date. As of right now, you may have 3-4 years or longer. It all depends on when they have vacancies for testing, and how long they get the rest of the process done (Oral board interview, background interview and investigation, medical, physical, and drug tests, security clearance, hire date, academy placement).

    Source(s): FLETC Graduate, lived next to ICE trainee's during my training.
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