bre? its serbian. what does it mean?

my boyfriend always talks about me as bre. what is that?

also i was wondering how to say .."is this about me?" or "can you translate this for me?" or "i love my husband"

only fluent speakers please and write it using latin alphabet. thanks :)

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    Okay, this may sound weird but the word "bre" doesn't mean anything in Serbian. But we use it all the time! It's like a word that we add at the end of some sentences, just for no reason. There isn't a word in English that has the same meaning, but I can maybe describe it like this: "Daj mi to" means "Give me that". But if you say "Daj mi to bre!" means like "Give me that for f**k sake!"

    Also, don't use that word when you talk to elders or someone you don't know, only with friends and people you know.

    Is this about me? "Jel ovo u vezi mene?" or "Jel ovo o meni?"

    Can you translate this for me? "Jel mozes da mi prevedeš ovo?"

    I love my husband. "Volim svog muža"

    If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me

    I hope this helped ;)

    Source(s): I'm Serbian
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