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What would happen if the energy department was terminated?

I really need help with this... i have 2 reasons already.. but i need a third one... could you please help? (my reasons: People would use more energy and would have to pay more; damage the environment) PLEASE HELP!

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    The DOE has a budget of about 26 Billion per year. About 10% of this is earmarked for renewable energy. Many grants and subsides for alternative energy would be lost. This would slow development of other energy supplies.

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    16,000 federal employees & a hundred thousand contractors (many of them lawyers) would have to find something useful to do & the price of energy would fall to near production cost.

    this would result in people having more money to spend on other goods & services which would cause the economy to rebound much faster.

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    No one would notice--except for the jobs and cheap energy that would be produced. They don't produce any energy. They only make it hard for U.S. companies to produce energy so we have to buy it from Arabs.

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