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Is having an online TEFL certification taken seriously by employers?

I am looking into being an English (as a foreign language) teacher for a while. I would like to know your experiences. What site did you use to get certified? Are there any sites that are more recognized positively and negatively? How many hours was your course? What was your experience applying for domestic (US) jobs? Is online certification pretty common, or frowned upon?

Also, I'm currently a student so I don't have my university degree yet. Does that matter?

I'm not interested in hearing that "employers want experience more than anything." I have experience teaching english in a foreign country. It doesn't help me out much.

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    A number of them are, yes. For entry level jobs they are just fine in many countries although you'll find it harder in the US or the UK. Online courses are becoming more common and since they have much reduced prices a lot of the traditional course providers are running scared and often you'll find they dismiss them out of hand and yet many traditional course providers are starting their own online versions to compete.

    Make sure you choose a good one and check them out thoroughly.

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    Online courses are often not recognized by employers. One reason for this is that you won’t get the necessary teaching practice during the course and you won’t be able to be observed by experienced trainers in order to find out what you are doing right or wrong. For another, most online courses are less than 100 hours. TEFL courses in general are recognized internationally as long as they meet the industry standard of being at least 100 hours, having a minimum of 6 hours of teaching practice observed by an experienced trainer, and having qualified teacher trainers.

    I took a course through http://www.telfworldwideprague.com and really enjoyed it. The course included 8-10 hours of hands on, supervised teaching experience which I found to be an invaluable part of my TEFL course. The feedback from my supervisors was essential to my teaching abilities. By the end of the course I felt confident teaching students of any ability and level, something I could not say before taking the course!

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    Online certificates are very rarely accepted, even in places like China and Russia. They can be good supplements (teaching young learners/business English etc) to certificates and diplomas from actual courses. They are quite expensive now so you would be better off spending your money on a course that includes real teaching experience, classroom management and face-to-face lectures.

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