If finals are twenty percent of our semester grade...say i COMPLETELY bombed it.. READ MORE pleasse :)?

ok sayyy i have an A for my semester grade...and COMPLETELY BOMB finals (which are 20 percent of the semester grade) what would that drop me too, and how do you figure that?

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    Let's presume that you have a 95 average in the class. And you get a 0 on your final. Then if you think of representing your grades proportionally, they would look like this:






    With 80% (or 4/5s) of your grade being 95, and 20% (or 1/5) being 0.

    In that case, your semester average would be a 76.

    So if you got a zero on your final, you would likely still pass, but you would likely have a C or D (depending on where your school/district/state set passing and grade divisions).

    If you got a 50, your semester average would be an 86.

    If you got a 100, your semester average would be a 96.

    Interesting the way the proportionality of numbers works, huh?

    Source(s): Decades of working with school children.
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    depending on how high ur grade was percentage wise, a 100% grade would drop it to an 80%

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