Do you know any Eritrea( an? ) Cuisine?

I am having a guest who is from Eritrea and i was wondering if anyone knows any Eritrean dishes that i could prepare for them?

I am making some other dishes but i want to make it a little bit special for them by preparing something from their own country.

Can you help?

Thank you.

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    I've never eaten Eritrean food before, but I imagine it's very similar to Ethiopian food. I've eaten Ethiopian food before and I found that's it's very similar to Somali food, with many of the same food but with different flavours (Ethiopian food is spicier) and Ethiopian and Eritrean cultures are more similar than Somali and Ethiopian culture is. So you can look up Eritrean food online and find recipes or else look up Ethiopian food. In all countries in the Horn of Africa, injera is a common food, s.

    When you're searching online, look for "Tigrinya food". Africa is very diverse and even within one country, the culture, language, and cuisine will differ based on ethnicity. Tigres are the dominant group in Eritrea. I've already found some sites to get you started:

    In all countries in the Horn of Africa, injera is a common food. Here's some information on it and the recipe:

    "The main food is a crepe-like bread made from tef (Tigrinya t´af or Amharic tyeff), an indigenous grain."

    People use injera to scoop up meat and vegetables that are in a sort of sauce. In the Horn of Africa (and other parts of northeastern Africa), people usually all together on one large plate. Everyone has their own side though and people don't take from another's side of the plate. Something like this:

    (They're also eating injera).

    People customarily drink mango juice or even pops.

    How you choose to make the vegetables, meat, or sauce depends on you. Eritreans are mostly Muslims, so don't use pork. Use beef, goat, chicken, or even camel meat. Many different vegetables can be used, like peas, peppers, corn, onions and garlic (for flavour and the smell), and others.

    Source(s): My culture is similar. :)
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