Hey, I could be wrong.......?

Just want to ask some serious opinions.

I have been going out with someone for almost 2 years now. We have different households. i have a 11 year old daughter. He has a 18 year old daughter, that still lives with him too.

I know i could be a little jelous, but thats not my problem at all. I just wonder, how 'normal' this is.

She klings to him as if she was a little child. Every single time we go somewhere with my 11 year old she is there and 60% of the time when him and i go somewhere she is there. If i wouldn't say something about it probably more than that. She doesn't have any life on her own except for when she hangs around at their house or with her only neighbor friend. ( which is not often).

I dont mind spending time with her, my daughter likes her, but i just wonder if this is normal for an 18 year old. When i was 18 i lived on my own. I guess thats the other extreme and i would find somewhere in the middle ok. If i confront him, he says to me"wait untill your child is in that age'

Granted, i don't know how my daughter is going to act when she is 18,As of right now it seems like my child seems more independent then his.

Just want to know what others say to this. Cause you know, when your in the situation yourself you try to find the good in it.

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    Maybe shes bored out of her mind.Or maybe her dad is hitting it and she cant get enough and follows him around.LOL you say your not jealous...if you weren't you wouldn't have mentioned it....im assuming you think they are...having sex? hmmmm its a possibility.In this day and age who knows what goes on anymore.Nothing surprises me anymore.You should bring the subject up to a professional.Shes 18 though and if something IS going on she knows right from wrong.That is unless she has no life because her dada doesn't allow her to get to close to people that way no one enlightens her on the matter.That's why he keeps her so close to him.The possibilities are endless all you can do is predict.

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    Being in a relationship where each person has a child from a previous relationship is always hard. Even though you have been dating for 2 years his daughter has been in his life far longer than you have. Not to say that you are not important or that it isn't odd how clingy she is to her father for an 18 year old. Most young people at that age don't want to do anything with there parents. If you think this relationship will eventually turn into a marriage you might want to consider having a serious conversation with him.

    The way I see it his daughter lacks any social skills, maybe the 2 of you can think of ways you can help encourage her to spend time making friends and being an 18 year old. I bet if she had a group of friends she wouldn't have the need to stick to her dad all the time. With that said she is his daughter, she came first so you have to deal with that.

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    it sounds like she's worried that you're taking her dad off her. she could be jealous of your 11 year old too cos she's younger and getting more attention. and plus, she is his daughter after all. she has a right to be clingy. don't say anything about it. let her do it, you'll only make things worse.

    i just want to say something about the bit where you said "i lived on my own when i was 18."

    well, you probably had both your mum and dad. you don't know what it's like to have an 11 year old walk into your life and take over.

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    Will I am 17, and I can not say I like spending that much time with my parents. I like them, and hang out with them but I really like to have my own friends and things to do. About the only time I see my mom is when I am asking for money. I am guessing she is just a little needy and it will go away someday.. I hope

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    Give him a wake up call. tell him its unhealthy for his daughter to be so clingy and have no life of her own. I'm 18 and I just got married. I didnt have to marry him. I loved him and I wasnt attached to my Daddys behind 24/7.

    tell him how you feel.

    she knows what shes doing.

    shes just as jelous as you are, if not more.

    she doesnt want a woman taking up her "Daddys" love.

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    some people just love there parents and can not be apart from them.

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    um idk

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