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can a spell words with the hiragana alphabet or are there certain rules to each alphabet?

please explain

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    Rough guideline:

    Kanji - mostly used for nouns (inc. proper nouns) and verb/adjective stems.

    hiragana - mostly used for verb endings, adjective endings and particles.

    katakana - mostly used for loan words - or- and I was never taught this I just noticed it - seems to be used for emphasis occasionally.

    Source(s): I wouldn't worry too much about this if you are only just starting out, concentrate on reading and understanding and you'll see for yourself when which is used and how/why.
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    you can spell any words with hiragana, things for kids are usually spelled mostly in kanas, usually though, loan words are written with katakanas, and katakana is used widely to spell pkants and animals' names as well, technically speaking, you dont NEED kanjis, but they make things easier once you get them, once you get them.....

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