Is there a big risk to die in a suicide bomber attack in Chechnya, Dagestan and Tatarstan (Russia)?

I question it because Chechnya, Dagestan and Tatarstan are muslim-majority provinces of Russia (Tatar, Chechen and Dagesi)

thank you, very much

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    For about the past year, things in Chechnya, Dagestan and Tatarstan have been, more or less quiet, though recently there have been a couple of bombings.

    The for the most part, you should take caution if you are considering going there. First off, foreigners are easy to spot there and so it would make them big targets for extremists. Secondly, those areas are highly restricted and very difficult to get to if you are a foreigner. The Russian government keeps close tabs on everyone going to that region and can pretty much dictate who can and can not go there. If you do not have official business in going there, you will not be allowed to travel by train or by air.

    Thirdly, there is a large presence of Russian military that is specifically designed to keep order and peace there. If a suicide bomber had the chance of taking out Russian soldiers or a foreigner, they would gladly do so in that region. Also, that region has been ravaged by so much war that it would make visiting a very unpleasant experience. When dignitaries go there, they never stay for very long, a quick trip from the airport to whatever function they are attending and then quickly back to the airport to be taken home.

    Also, if you take a look at the past 10 years of terrorists attacks in Russia, all of the attacks have been bombings and there are increasing suicide bombers.

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    each and each physique of those solutions look taking the piss out of you, yet do not project. Tatarstan i could especially recomend. As a westerner, it somewhat replaced into techniques-blowing to locate a manner of existence wherein Russian and Tatar, Christian and Muslim, exist part with the aid of part. i stumbled on the place a real eye-opener, and that i think of you will too. the thought that is riddled with suicide bombers popping out from in the back of packing containers at each and every highway nook is..properly...enormously daft. you may go there, that is going to help convince you that Musllims are the countless maximum hospitable people there are. Dagestan and Bashkoristan i've got in no way been too. I doubt which you willbe alowed to flow to Chechnya although - it extremely is altogether much less secure. it extremely is a warzone, and as such in user-friendly terms newshounds and government officers are allowed to flow there. civilians will only be stopped with the aid of the army.

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    The risk of dying in such an attack is 100% for the bomber, unless he is an exceptionally stupid suicide bomber (and you've got to be pretty dumb to do that anyway).

    I would venture to guess that for the bombed individuals, the risk of dying is proportional in some way to the strength of the blast, size of the individual, coverage (substantial clothing, a desk, etc) and physical proximity to the bomber.

    I would think that the risk to all parties involved is completely independent of geographical location.

    :-D I hope that answers your question!!! :-D

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