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I have a pretty random question about DD-214's, 1st, When someone goes to Ranger School, or Special Forces School/ SFAS, how would that look on a DD-214, Would it say "Spec Frces Crs" Short for special forces course? Or would it say somthing different. Also, how, and where dose Ranger School appear on a DD-214. I am asking this in an effort to find out weather or not I should call a CID agent or Detective about an employee I am promoting to Manager. If whats on his 214 matches up with what someone on here tells me, I will disregard the idea that it may be incorrect. Tried calling HRC (Human Resources Command) in St. Louis, GOT NOWHERE! Also called NPRC National Personnel Records Center, and they are not authorized to disclose the employees information with me (even though I already have it).

Thank you for your time.


Hey guys, thanks, I apperciate it. You guys got some serious expierence behind you, I will try and do the AARTS verification. As always, thank you for your service, and thank you for defending my country.

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    Several things I would do. One...what was his rank when discharged and how many years of a MINIMUM...someone with those schools would have at least 6 years of service and have the rank of E-6 if not E-7. Anything less than that is suspect.

    Also look at the type of discharge and reason code (block 21) of the DD-214. Also...if he has those school he would need a 11 or 18 series MOS so if he has anything other than that listed it would be suspect. he should also have some hefty awards and decoration...mots definitely a Master Parachutist Badge...

    I verify these things all of the time for the American legion and VFW and find quite a few fakes. Email me if you have any other questions. Black out the name and SSN if you want and send me a scanned copy and I'll look it iver for you.

    Source(s): Me, 21 years in the Army and a Senior Human Resources Officer
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    Your question is rather difficult to give you an exact answer. The military is famous for using abbreviations and acronyms, and on the DD214 in the schools, training, and awards block there is not uniformity. For example; Good Conduct Medal, GCM, are two deviations on my DD214's, I have several since I was active and I am now Guard. I would suggest asking the employee to produce certificates of training, this would alleviate any doubts. Ranger school should appear in the school/training/Awards block, same place where Special Forces was typed. As for Special Forces the employee could have passed selection but failed the Q-course, the employee would not be Special Forces Qualified. You have to pass SFAS to get into the one of three Q-course (Qualification for either medical, weapons, or communications) after passing the Q-course you get tabbed.

    Source(s): Definitely have Redleg look it over, sounds like he could make heads or tails out it. They are always busting imposters in the VFW and American Legion.
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    some times it's not standardized as to the wording of the schools listed, you could ask the guy for his AARTS TRANSSCRIPT and it will list all schools and cources he has taken, you could also check his DD214 against his ERB (enlisted record brief)

    Transcripts are now available to all Soldiers and Veterans with a Basic Active Service Date (BASD) of 1 October 1981 or later.

    If your BASD is before 1 October 1981, you must request that the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis send a certified true copy of your DD Form 214 directly to this office. You may do this through their web site at:

    Source(s): 8 Year active Duty ARMY 98-07
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    I can understand your concerns about privacy, but also being concerned about someone who might be trying to pad his record. I would contact someone in your county VA office and see if you can bring the DD214 in and have him or her look at it. They can probably tell you if it doesn't look right.

    Another option would be contacting a local U.S. Army Reserve center or National Guard armory and talk to someone who is in personnel. Anyone who handles their soldiers unit records should be able to tell if this individuals record doesn't quite seem to be what it should.

    Another option would be to contact someone at the Association of the United State Army, which should have a national 1-800 number and ask for advice on this matter.

    If someone is Ranger qualified, he should have served most of his career in infantry units, as it was in the late 1980s that they made the switch that other branches, such as Armor, or Artillery could send a small quota of officers to Ranger school. If he is Special forces qualified he should have spent a large part of his career with one of the active duty or reserve component special forces groups.

    Source(s): 22 year career enlisted and commissioned service in the PA Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve. Started career as a private recruit and retired as a captain.
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    Dd214 Sample

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    They are not online, you have to submit a paper request form. A recreation of the original is impossible... hopefully you did not lose yours.

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    if some one went to ranger school it would be under decorations it would say ranger tab and it would also say it under military education as ranger course

    Source(s): looking at my dd214 from 1988
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