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FILM MUSIC - suggestions for a piece of university work please :)?

I am studying music in my 3rd year at university and one of my modules is Music in Film,

therefore we have to watch a film, make a time line (so note any important features of the music, why it does it, effect on the film etc) and then write an essay using texts and examples to back up why it does what it does... so very analytical indeed!

Its worth 50% of my module and I really want to do well,

only thing is i'm not sure what movie to do, any suggestions?

Heres a list of the ones we're not allowed to do;

A Perfect Day

A River runs through it

Another fine mess

Batman (Elfman)

Blazing saddles




The English Patient

Forbidden Planet

The Ghost and Mrs.Muir

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


King Kong (first version)

Modern Times

My Favourite Blond.

Now, Voyager


Shall we dance?

Stranger on a Train

The Graduate


Written on the wind



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    Midnight Cowboy....just because it's a beautiful film with a great score.

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    Some suggestions for you....

    Touch of Evil - Orson Welles

    The Godfather - Francis Ford Coppola

    Once upon a time in the West - Sergio Leone

    Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese

    2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick

    Brazil - Terry Gilliam

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    a million.Vince Neil - Encino guy? 2.Gene Simmons - The robotic flick with Tom selleck, Trick of handle and KISS Meet the Phantom of the Park 3.super White - Maid to order 4.Henry Rollins - The Chase, the recent youngster, Johnny call a pair of 5.Sting - Dune and Quadriphinia(Typo for particular) 6.Mick Jagger - Ned Kelly and Freejack 7.Zak Wylde - Rockstar 8.David Bowie - The Labyrinth and The status 9.Aerosmith - The Sergeant Peppers action picture 10.Ozzy - Austin Powers and Goldmember 11.Ritchie Sambora - Brokeback Mountain(LOL) 12.Geddy Lee - ? it extremely is without watching it up.

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    from this list, i would choose tim burton's batman. danny elfman does a great job working with score and songs. it is also interesting that he has worked on tons of burton films. i also think that the music plays an important part in this movie; i am always so aware of elfman's music (simpsons, nightmare before christmas, etc)

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