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What is there the German President for?

I thought that the representative person is "the prime minister" in Germany, but, actually, there is "the President" for upgrading than the prime minister.

I knew that the German head of state was the President.

However, the President does not have the political power, and he is only ceremonious existence.

Then what is there him for?

The Emperor does not need it in Japan.

Similarly does not the President need it in Germany?

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    yes, and no.

    The President of the Federation (to name it correct) envolved after 45 to somekind of "ethical instance", besides representative/diplomatical tasks hes also the highest keeper of the Constitution. When ever the government (which elected the Chancellor, which has far more power then the President, so maybe something what you called prime minister (there is no such thing here)) drafts a bill that may influence the constitution the president has to sign it, keeping the meaning of the constitution in mind. If he/she does not sign the bill, it has to be reviewed by the Federal Constitutional Court, considering the remarks of the president.

    To answer your question: the President of the Federation is needed, in fear of terror and "anti-terror-laws" that stress the Constitution more then ever!

    Source(s): native german/ civics classes
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    He is a glorified adviser.

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