Why does Russia have a prime minister and president?

Medvev and Putin...


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    For the same reason so many other countries have them both: it's in their constitution.

    In presidential systems with a prime minister (17 nations), semi-presidential systems (36 nations) and parliamentary systems (40 nations) both a president and a prime minister are a part of the government.

    The Russian Federation just happens to be one of the 36 countries with a semi-presidential system.

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    Russia is a federal semi-presidential republic and as such, both the Prime Minister and the President have certain duties and functions.

    The Russian President, currently Dmitri Medvedev, is the head of state and the commander-in-chief. He dictates internal and foreign policy for the Russian state, carries out the constitution and defends it and is the representative of the Russian state in international agreements and meetings.

    The Russian President appoints the Prime Minister.

    The Prime Minister is meant to be an administrative role, someone who handles all of the personnel decision and the nuts and bolts of how the government of Russia will work. The current PM is Vladimir Putin.

    Russia's system, created after the breakup of the Soviet Union was to make sure that no one person was too powerful in the Russian system. During Putin's terms as President, he made the office of the President of Russia a very strong position and consolidated a lot of power to that office. Within the Russian government now, since Medvedev and Putin are very powerful figures but have different interests, they have sort of divided up the issues amongst themselves. Medvedev handles much of the public relations of Russia, attending key meetings like the G8 and so on. He is a lawyer and economists and so he focuses on domestic policy and judicial policy which are very much his strong-suits. On the other hand, Putin deals more with the military and on foreign relations and is focused on building up Russian culture, sport and the image of Russia. He hs an ex-KGB agent so he has many connections with the military and the security arms of the Russian government and does very well organizing and trying to achieve great heights.

    As you can see, this type of a partnership helps both people deal with what they know best. In the future, after Putin and Medvedev leave office, you will see a more traditional role defined by the Russian Constitution where the President handles most of the decisions and the PM is sort of the person who makes everything work.

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    Having a PM and President is not unique to Russia, dude...

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    Because Putin is too loved and adored, we needed him SO much that had to creat a special place for him while he isn't a president.


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    Its in their constitution. Why? Originally the idea was to prevent power from concentrating in one office. It didn't really work as we can see.

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    You see Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation (the __TWO-HEADED___ eagle)?

    Think again. :)

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