MPhil at TCD or MsC at Edinburgh?


I have recently applied to the MPhil programme in Modern Irish History at Trinity College Dublin, as well as the MSc programme in Modern British and Irish History at the University of Edinburgh. I am having difficulty deciding which would be the better programme to attend and I ask you to submit your thoughts and/or opinions on the subject. I am still waiting to hear from both institutions so all this may eventually be of no concern, but I am still curious. If you decide to submit an answer, I just ask that you support your argument with appropriate reasons as to why I should consider one programme over the other (i.e. academic reputation of the schools, scope of the programmes, suitability of the degrees for continuation of study at the doctoral level, etc.) Any insight provided will be greatly appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    i would kill for the opportunity to study at either schools. both are internationally acclaimed. trinity for being the oldest (and best) university in ireland and edinburgh for its consistent high ranking among best university worldwide. tough choice really.

    but if we break it down to your chosen field of study, i would say trinity would have a slight edge. my field is engineering science so i'd choose edinburgh for me. it would be fun walking the campus where once adam smith (the noted economist) roamed.

    you can't go wrong with either school. good luck.

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