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我岩岩入左afs interview,同埋佢地寄左一大疊野俾我填了

但其實我要申請到full-cost schoolarship or差1-2k先可以去


我依家中四,past 3 yrs 成績都好好,band 1 emi sch都係全級45





thank you:)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am afs returnee and i went to exchange without paying even 10 cent (except visa fee). I participated SHK scholarship since my dad had been working there. I don't know which kind of scholarship u are currntly applying, but i can tell u your school results do NOTHING to the chance for u to be drafted. Do u understand? that means even u aer ranked NO. 1 in form, u are not for sure to be chosen. What they reli want to see is your intention to the programme, your passion and your world view. You need to show them that you super want to exchange. Another thing is, recommendation is important but it is not crucial. because those praise words are not rare, almost every participant has these kind of letters. it is not unique for u to hold those letters.

    I truly hope my commets are useful to u. Remember, show them your PASSION. PASSION for learning the world is most essential to AFS students.


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