那請問AT&T有電視的服務嗎? 因為我女朋友說我們手機都是AT&T的用戶,申請網路跟第四台會比較便宜





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    The total price depends on what kinds of services you sign up.

    In a simple way, you have to choose telephone, TV and high-speed internet (at least 2 to get discount).

    Both AT&T (AT&T U-Verse) and Comcast provide all of the above.

    Let me make a simple comparison for you:

    1. Internet - AT&T is cheaper (and the price lasts longer, as all promotional price from Comcast only lasts 6 months) but slower. Comcast is faster but more expensive.

    2. Telephone - AT&T is cheaper (if no domestic long distance) or sometimes it is not required (You can get internet only from AT&T). Comcast is more expensive but covers domestic long distance (Who is still using telephone anyway?).

    3. TV - Comcast is cheaper but AT&T has a better quality (as it is using fiber optic).

    Current AT&T Wireless Customer may be eligible for a discount (for wireless, not landline) if they combine billing with the landline service.

    Choose one that fit you the most (You are not obligated to choose from everything from 1 company only). Also search deals from the internet may help you save more.

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    AT&T 有 電視和網路 叫 AT&T UVERSE


    2009-12-14 09:09:34 補充:


    我目前 是原價 $74(未含稅) 的網路和電視 講到$62 外加免費網路頻寬升級

    你是用 AT&T WIRELESS 跟 UVERSE 沒關係

    不會因為 這樣就給你便宜

    我AT&T WIRELESS 都用了快 八年 早問過了

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