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? asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 1 decade ago





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  • 1 decade ago
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    您好 網路夜店舞曲第24首有經過私人DJ混過

    DJ_M就是小樂 這個版本是小樂混的碎拍版

    網路上找不到試聽 僅能提供您原曲資訊如下

    歌名 Baby Baby

    演唱 BigBang


    收錄專輯 With U (2008.5.28)



    Big Bang is Back!

    Most definitely incredible (hey move)

    B to the I to the G (Bang Bang) x3



    I don't wanna be without you girl (Got me slowly dying)

    Where did we go wrong my girl (Why can't we keep on trying)

    I don't wanna be without you girl (I gave my heart to you)

    Going outta my mind, cuz I love you, I need you girl

    (SR)Baby baby baby

    You know we go back for oh so long

    (DS) Baby baby baby

    Used to having you here in my arms

    (YB) Baby baby baby

    You know what we had was oh so strong

    (GD) Just say you'll still be mine

    Cuz I love you, I need you girl


    My homey lover friend, together yea we had it all

    Could never see an end, just roll forever deep in love

    We'd get our groove on

    Do everything so happily, so free

    And nothing anyone could ever hate on


    (Yea, yea, yea)

    Baby you're my everything; I'll do anything for ya

    Never knew another girly quite like ya

    And I wanna excite ya

    Like, like giving you what you wanna do girl

    If there's anyone, I'll straight run 'em

    Unfadeable, GD stun 'em

    What up, what up, can't put up, put up

    When you're telling me you're gonna need time alone

    Repeat Chorus


    Tried to call you a thousand times up on the phone (SR: I called you on the phone)

    Never did you answer once, you know that's wrong (You know that's really wrong yea)

    Can we talk this out, I wanna know why did you leave me hanging, oh so damn right

    Don't you see me praying, don't leave me alone (ABOUT LOVE)


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