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I need facts on Ecuador. Please help?

Okay so i need to know;

Who were the natives of ecuador?

Who conquered ecuador?

What do they produce and export?

What are some festive/ traditional days?

& describe it.

How do they dress?

What do they dance?

Anything else that is interesting?




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    1) The natives in Ecuador are descendants from the Incan empire. There are still indigenous tribes scattered throughout some parts of the country (some could be found in the mountaneous regions others in the Tropic region)

    2) Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadors arrived at Ecuador in 1531, the following year, the Incan king was murdered by Pizarro and it was easy for him to control the nation.

    3) Ecuador exports a number of produce-type items such as bananas, roses (Roses from the Azuay province are considered among the best in the world), rice, shrimp, oil, coffee, cocao, sugar, tropical fruits (mangoes, guyabas, etc), fish and timber.

    4) Every city has an "Independence day" and during that week, the people go out and celebrate. Generally there are concerts and other performers who give free shows during that week. The week becomes something of a city pride thing. Each city is different. My city (Cuenca) celebrates Nov. 3. The capital, Quito celebrates the 10th of August. Other festivities involve "Carnaval" which isn't as crazy and flamboyant as Brazil's and usually involves us running around throwing water balloons and shooting water guns at each other in the month of February. Christmas and New Years are huge celebrations as well

    5) Most Ecuadorians generally dress as your standard westerner. T-shirts and jeans, dress attire, etc. The indigenous groups have more colorful outfits, mostly hand-made (woven) scarves, skirts and shirts.

    6) Every region has their own cultural dance, generally accepted by the indigenous people.

    7) There is plenty of things that are interesting about Ecuador. For example, Cuenca is a city protected by the UNESCO for its efforts to preserve the old colonial architecture, which gives it a antique and proud feel. Quito's skyrail is a massive sight that sends you clear 4,500 meters above sea level. The landscapes that you see while driving from city to city can be breath-taking. I can on all day lol

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